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Drink water – The most natural weight loss food in the world

drink waterWhen I was in high school, I had to get down to a certain weight to play football. I asked my coach if I could have some water, and he said, “Water is fattening.” That’s not even a myth. That’s ridiculous.

It’s important to the body to drink water

You can’t survive more than 3 days without water. You can survive up to 40 days without food. Good ole H2O is the cornerstone of survival. So, how do you lose weight when you drink water?

When you think you’re hungry, you’re not really hungry. You may be one of two. First, you may just want something in your stomach. Second, you might just be thirsty. Whichever the case, water is going to satisfy you. This means, you’re not hungry anymore. You’re not going to snack.

In order to lose weight, the body has to burn fat and get rid of toxins. Without water, it can’t do this. In summary, you’re not going to lose weight unless you drink water. It’s that simple.

Drink water, 8 glasses every day, follow our other weight loss tips and you’ll lose 10 pounds in a week.

Drinking Wine can actually help you lose weight

wineThere is a myth that a glass of wine before bedtime will help you sleep. This is not true. On the other hand, a glass with your dinner will contribute a great deal towards weight loss. First, drink it with your meal, and not close to bedtime. Second, if possible, drink red wine at room temperature. It’s much better for you.

How wine is good for ‘Health’ and ‘Weight Loss’

I’ll start with good health. This is more important. There are two reasons it’s healthy. First, it’s all natural. It comes from pure grapes. Second, wine is good for your blood. It thins your blood, and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Almost all wines contain resveratrol, a natural substance found on the skin of grapes. This breaks down fat, and reduces fat in the body.

A good vintage will also cut down on your sugar cravings. You’ll not be inclined to have those late night snacks that will destroy any effort to lose weight.

Try this. I wouldn’t be surprised if you lost at least 6 pounds in one week.

Another interesting fact is, heavy drinkers have a slight weight gain, while non-drinkers have a heavy weight gain. This is assuming the people in question are not weight conscious.

How Olive Oil will stimulate the brain and cause you to lose weight

Olive oilOlive oil is one of the healthiest substances you can consume. Did you know that olive oil has another major benefit?

As you eat foods that taste good, and have a familiar flavor, you stimulate your brain. Being familiar with these foods, and the pleasure from eating them, the brain will be programmed in a hunger mode. This means, the brain will stimulate the body to eat more foods. The body will gain weight.

Try taking two tablespoons of olive oil each day. Take these between meals. This is very important. As you do this, the brain will notice a very unfamiliar taste, and will be programmed in a starvation mode. As the body reacts, you’ll notice that you are less inclined to eat. This has nothing to do with starving yourself, as the mode implies. You simply will not want to eat as much. The olive oil will significantly lower your appetite. Naturally, when this occurs, you will eat less, and you will lose weight.

This is just a little thing. All together, they make a tremendous difference. Remember, losing weight successfully is always a combination of many little things.

Lose weight, and be healthy.

37 Weight Loss Tips that make the Perfect Weight Loss Plan to make you look amazing

Losing weight is not about following step-by-step instructions. Many things come together to make up The Perfect Weight Loss Plan.

So, relax. I’ve taken away the confusion and have put a plan together, guaranteed to get you excited. This got me results. Use it, and let it do the same for you. This works, and I’m living proof. This is exactly what I did when I lost 75 pounds in less than 3 months (2 and a half months to be exact).

Each section is separate, and is independent of the others. But once you get into this, you’ll find that all of the sections will blend together for one amazing plan, which you will see as you go on.

All of these are very effective. For starters, some may or may not be for you. But in a very short time, you’ll use all of them, and you’ll say to yourself, “I can do this!”

The #PerfectWeightLossPlan that will make you look and feel amazing Click To Tweet Perfect Weight Loss Plan

This is How I DID IT!

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2 things that will help you lose weight after the Holidays

Lose Weight After HolidaysYesterday morning, I was in the downtown area of the City where I live. I ran into an old friend I hadn’t seen for years. We said our hello’s, and then started talking about old times. The first thing he said to me was, “Man, I’m so glad this Holiday Season is over. I’m scared to death to find out how high my cholesterol went up.”

Holiday Season is beautiful, but it’s time to get healthy again

We’ve been through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. These are three holidays associated with good food. The holidays are very delicious, but not very conducive to losing weight.

I know, without a doubt, that many are now focusing on losing the weight they most likely gained during this past Holiday Season. Although this may seem like a monumental task, it’s quite simple if you follow these two guidelines.

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Losing Weight – DO YOU WANT IT? – Most Crucial Question

do you want to lose weightDo you want to lose weight? I mean, do you really, really want it? If you do, read this to the end. This is the most important article on weight loss you’ll ever read. If you can’t lose weight after reading this article, you’ll never lose weight.


Wait before you answer.

So far, I’ve tried to build up your confidence, and motivate you. This time, I’m going to challenge you.

Think, think, think about nothing but losing weight. Block everything out of your mind except, losing weight. Right now, nothing else in the world matters to you. Nothing else exists for you right now. Don’t think about how you are going to do. Just think about losing weight. If you think about how your are going to do it, you’ll mess up your thinking. Don’t worry about this right now. Worry about one thing – LOSING WEIGHT.

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Like yourself – The starting point for losing weight

How do you learn to Like Yourself?

happiness-weight-lossThis begins with YOU -YOURSELF. In order for you to be happy, you must begin by taking a good look at yourself. After you do this, you MUST START LIKING what you see. Do this, and you’re half way there.

Start to feel good about yourself. Like yourself. Your decision to do this MUST BE a definite Yes. I don’t take the other word, No, for an answer. And, there are no Guess So’s in my weight loss agenda. You are going to Like Yourself, and then, you are going to lose weight.

Concentrate on being happy and liking yourself, and I promise you will lose weight.

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Eating Healthy – The first of two keys to losing weight


If I can sum up my weight loss theory into two categories, they are, the one I’m about to show you now, and, the one I’ll show you next time. Everything I know about weight loss revolves around these two areas. Master them, and you will master weight loss, FOREVER.

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5 drinks that help you lose weight more effectively


Liquid diets can can be very effective when losing weight. They provide fewer calories to consume. But do they really work? The answer may surprise you.

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Is losing weight too quickly necessarily safe?

losing-weight-too-quicklyLosing weight  too quickly can be unsafe, and a little dangerous if not done in moderation. This is not always the case. However, before trying any weight loss program of this magnitude, first see your health care professional, and second, always assume the worst case scenario. It’s better to be safe, because there are health risks when losing weight too quickly.

Health issues when losing weight too quickly

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Is running good, or bad for weight loss?


Running is not only good for weight loss, but also great for the cardiovascular system. But much depends on the mentality of the runner.

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How to prevent gaining back the weight after you’ve lost it

whole-30When you lose 100 pounds, then gain back 110 pounds, the body has been programmed to return to its former weight, once the old eating habits return. Your goal is to re-set the body. You don’t do this by depriving it of calories, but, by proper nourishment. This means, resetting your hormones, and molding your metabolism. There are 8 simple ways to accomplish this.

1. Cut down on starches and cut out refined sugars from your diet.

Don’t eat white potatoes, unless cooked and cooled. This turns into a starch that works against the body. Cut out bread, cakes, sweets, donuts, and candies, with a few exceptions. Limit fruit to 3 servings a day. Stay away from other sugars and starches. This will change your insulin metabolism.

2. Eat 6-12 servings of vegetables a day.

Green vegetables are the best. Try to eat them at every meal. They provide your body with nutrition and reprogram your system. Green vegetables are very important to permanent weight loss, and should never be overlooked.

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