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5 Natural Ingredients In Organic Tea that improve Weight Loss

There are 5 natural ingredients in organic tea that help improve metabolism and weight loss.

Organic tea simply implies the tea is made from tea leaves cultivated organically. It has negligible amount of preservatives and toxic flavours which makes it extremely harmless and beneficial for consumption on a daily basis.

Sipping organic tea on a daily basis is highly recommended as it cleanses the body from various toxins. It will rejuvenate your body after a tired day and will help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It has also been studied that people with regular intake of organic tea tend to be fit. They have better metabolism which will help in maintaining a good and optimum body weight.

Let’s understand the reason why organic tea works so much wonders on your body. The secret lies in its composition and ingredients which are mentioned here:

  1. Antioxidants: Organic tea has anti-oxidants which help in reducing the damage of body cells. Various free radicals in the body attach themselves with healthy cells of the body resulting in its damage. Anti-oxidants presented in the organic tea helps in combating this situation by cleansing the body and making it free from damaging radicals. A body free from damaging cells has no doubt a better metabolism which helps in burning fat in the body.
  1. Caffeine: Researches have shown that optimum intake of caffeine stimulate the metabolism in the body which help in burning extra fat. This results in more energy in the body along with the weight loss. Studies show that presence of theophylline present in the organic tea also helps in stimulating respiratory system and brain functions. Also the level of caffeine in the organic tea is way much lower than in coffee which enables it to be taken throughout the day.
  1. Minerals: Organic tea has many natural minerals in it. The various minerals present in the tea are fluoride, magnesium, potassium and zinc. All these minerals are very essential in the body as they aid in regulating heart and liver functioning along with better metabolism. They help in B1 and B6 metabolism and also help in maintaining normal blood sugar level. This helps in controlling obesity to a great extent. Minerals in the organic tea also help in metabolism of Vitamin A and essential fats. Overall these minerals help in maintaining a good and healthy digestive system.
  1. Theanine: It is non-protein amino acid which is widely found in tea plant which is Camellia sinensis. This ingredient is largely present in the organic tea leaves up to 2% of its dry weight. It is majorly responsible for the relaxing feeling one experiences after drinking the tea. It helps indirectly in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as the user feels more energetic and active after consistent use of organic tea.
  1. Theobromine: It is a kind of alkaloid molecules which is naturally found in cocoa and tea plants. It soothes the muscular tissue of the body thus giving a boost to the blood circulation. Also, it helps in improving digestion and burning the visceral fats in the body.

No doubt, sipping organic tea calms and rejuvenates the body and mind. Also it is good for skin, reproductive and nerve system along with boosting the metabolism which in turn helps in controlling body weight.


This article was submitted by Amy Screamer. We would like to thank Amy for her contribution to OpenWeightLoss.com.

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