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5 Worst Foods You Can Eat if you want to lose weight

The 5 worst foods you can eat taste very good. The problem is that they are not very healthy. You’ll never lose weight if you eat them everyday.


Losing Weight Has A Lot to Do with What you Eat.

You don’t have to completely stay away from the foods I’m about to mention. If you want to eat fattening foods that taste good, this is OK, provided you do it in moderation. Certain foods contain a lot of fat, and in order to lose weight, you have to reduce the fat.

There are five foods that are not good for you. Eating these every day can be dangerous to your health.

5 Worst Foods You Can Eat

There are more than five that are not good for you. But here are the 5 worst foods you can eat:


5 worst foods

They taste good, but there’s nothing else good about donuts. The’re fried in oil, which makes them very hard to digest. Some donuts have fillings, such as, cream filling and fruit filling, like the kind that comes in a can which you can buy in the supermarket. Although they taste so good (and they do just that), there is no nutritional value whatsoever in donuts.


5 worst foods

I have to be the first to admit that I love them. I would be Un-American if I didn’t. If you go to a baseball game, you almost have to feel that having a hot dog is your sacred duty. And they do taste very good. But they are not good for you. It is the wiener that makes them taste so good. If you ever take a good look at the ingredients in wieners, you would never eat hot dogs again if you are conscious about your health. The cheep, off-brand wieners are made from the leftover scraps of whatever came from the animal, which is not what health minded people want to eat. The name brand wieners are not quite as bad, but they are bad enough.


5 worst foods

During the Summer, there is nothing better than the Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich (BLT). Take away the the bacon, and this is a healthy and nutritious sandwich. The bacon just takes all of this away. Bacon is nothing but a piece of fat, which is not good for your heart, and definitely not good if you want to lose weight.


5 worst foods

Again, this is one of my favorite foods. It’s also a favorite for the average person. How else do people prefer their chicken? But over the years, I have found that fried chicken is very hard to digest. Having a good bowel movement after eating fried chicken is close to impossible. If you are serious about losing weight, you must have proper bowel movements.


5 worst foods

If you ever made cheese, or saw how it is made, you would think twice about eating it. It is nothing but the fat that is separated from milk. In addition, cheese makes having a good bowel movement impossible.

I would like to throw in another food that you should stay away from, as kind of a bonus.


5 worst foods

Unless you have a cast-iron stomach, try to stay away from this. This is nothing but pure cholesterol. Everyone knows the effect cholesterol has on the body, and on your overall health.


The foods mentioned above are the worst foods you can possibly eat. The problem is, they taste so good. It may be next to impossible to stay away from these foods. If you enjoy these foods, like many people do, this is OK. But try to have them in moderation.

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