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7 Best Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

schwinn-elliptical-machineWhen you feel the need to shed extra pounds, you’ll want to burn the most calories. One of the most effective ways to do this is through cardio wokout routines that exercise the muscles. These routines are the most beneficial when it comes to weight loss, because cardio workouts also burn fat.

Begin by choosing the exercise with which you feel most comfortable, and stay with it.


This cardio workout will burn plenty of calories from fat because your entire body is experiencing the effects. You may go out and jog or trot. You can even work out on a treadmill in your home. An individual with a body consisting of 160 pounds from fat can burn about 500 fat calories at once, running at a speed of 12 minutes per mile. To enhance the actual calorie break down of this exercise, trot uphill, or combine it with another workout. If a man or woman, both weighing 160 pounds, both jog at the speed of 8 minutes per mile, or even 7, they’ll each melt away approximately 1,000 calories from fat in one workout. jogging


Walking is usually an effortless alternative for people with arthritis or other body discomforts. A 160 pound man or woman walking three and one half miles per hours will work off about 275 calories from fat at one time. Walking even more rapidly will increase the actual calorie break down, especially in areas where there are hills and mountains within the landscape.


Immediately this may seem like a challenge. You first have to mentally prepare yourself for something that could be a little rough, and possibly dangerous. Second, always wear protective gear to reduce the chances of a serious injury. But aside from this, this is an excellent lung exercise that is perfect for stimulating your breathing. It is also a very good aerobic workout. You’ll work off the body’s surplus of fat, and you’ll also give the calves, hamstrings, and legs quite a workout. At the same time, this exercise will upgrade the body’s cardio system.

Hiking and the Outdoors

hikingThis is beneficial to the mind, as well as the body. An adventurous 2 hour hike, depending on the terrain, will burn away 1000 calories and do wonders for your spirit. A less demanding workout would be to camp out. By the time you unpack, set up your camp, search for supplies and go out to explore the wilderness, you will have experienced a complete body workout.

Beach Volleyball

Testing your overall coordination on sand is an amazing cardio workout. This variation will work on the upper body, and tone the stomach muscles. A remarkable outside activity, it’s probably the most physically demanding cardio exercise next to boxing.


To many people, this is the best cardio workout. This benefits the entire body. Swimming works both the upper and lower body. It is perfect for joints and muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments. Swimming is thus the perfect addition for high impact cardio recreations, and will burn away calories very fast, once you begin your laps, exchange strokes and work the various muscles.


Circuit Training

Circuit training results in 30 percent more calorie consumption, compared to workouts that focus on one part of the body. A well planned circuit training circuit-trainingagenda requires many physical exercises at a very fast pace, within a short period of time. If done correctly, a good circuit training program will only allow about 30 seconds between exercises. A 140 pound individual can burn off more than 400 calories in only 30 minutes. To do circuit training in your home, or at the gym, choose exercises such as squats, mountain climbers, curls, bench press and other forms of weight lifting. For weight lifting, as a general rule, your goal should be to get in at least 400 lifts within a 30 minute workout.




These are definitely the 7 best cardio workouts for weight loss. These workouts appeal to the mental, as well as the physical quality. However, before beginning any type of cardio workout, or any type of workout in general, it is recommended that you first consult with your physician.


The information in this article was provided by Amber Rosh. We want to thank Amber for her contribution to OpenWeightLoss.com.

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