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7 RIGHT EXERCISES at the right time will help you lose MORE POUNDS

Apart from maintaining healthy diet plans, exercises are a sure way of maintaining a healthy body and losing weight in an effective way. According to lifestyle and fitness journals, many people do not get the best results from their efforts to lose weight because they do it wrongly. Consistency is key if one has to get good results. Another important factor is making sure that you do the right exercises and in the right way. The intensity at which you do these exercises may not be important if you do not get the method right. Before settling down on the best exercises, it is important you consult your lifestyle and fitness advisor and discuss your body requirements so as to make sure you get the best out of your efforts. Below are some of the right exercises that will give you a good run for your efforts. The different exercises target different parts of the body.

1. Walking

Walking is simple and the most effective way of losing weight. You do not need to have a membership to any gym or sports club. All you require is a comfortable pair of shoes. It is an exercise low in impact and does not cause any risk of knee injuries that would impact your consistency. By taking forty-five minutes’ walk a day, you can gain much in weight loss. You do not need to change any of your other habits. Walking can be made more effective by including jogging in between walking sessions. Walking and jogging increases the metabolism rate and maintains it at a high for quite some time throughout the activity and helps achieve better results. For those people living close to their workplaces, walking to work daily reduces the need for probiotic.


2. Weightlifting

There has been some confusion or misconception about weight lifting and reducing weight. This misconception has worst affected the ladies who believe that weight lifting only helps in muscle building. The misconception is however not true and mostly pregnant women need some visits to the gym to help in weight loss. Weight lifting helps in burning fats, and the process continues to burn fats even up to forty-eight hours after the exercise depending on its intensity. If one gets a good session, they could burn up to 363 calories in a day.

3. Cycling

Cycling is a very involving activity. However, it is also fun being involved in cycling. Many people have taken it as a hobby or a kind of sport that motivates them. This way they do not feel like they are exercising anymore. When cycling is becoming a hobby, it helps in increasing the intensity of the exercise and yields better results; this can help one lose many pounds easily and with no big hustle.

4. Swimming

It is also a low impact activity but which gives very positive results if done in the right way. By having a few rounds around the swimming pool, you lose many calories without sweating. It is gentle and reduces the risk of hurting your knees and ankle joints. To many people, it may seem effortless but it helps burn many calories and provides many aerobic exercises.

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5. Aerobic Exercises

Aerobics has many different exercises that differ both in intensity and results. It is less involving but designed to meet the body requirements to lose the stored fats. Before beginning aerobic exercises, you need to know your body requirements and endurance. This way you can be scheduled for the right sessions that will give you best results. In a session of twenty minutes, one could lose up to four hundred calories.

6. Sex

Many people will just laugh and dismiss any claim that sex is an effective exercise that helps in shedding the excess stored fats in the body. It may be a natural part of life but a very good exercise that is not known by many. Good sex helps in burning a lot of calories and losing weight. It may seem like it is a joke but engaging in sex more regularly helps in weight loss. It’s notable that it is an enjoyable part of life and may not be expensive. Sex burns around three hundred calories in an hour.

7. Dancing

Many of the exercises that help with weight loss may not be fun, but dancing is a fun filled activity. There are many dancing styles, and you just need to identify one that fits your lifestyle. While dancing, your heart will be forced to pump faster and increase your metabolic rate so as to provide the required energy, and this will help in burning the excess fats. Also due to changing of the rhythm and pace of the tunes, your metabolic rate will increase so that your body can adapt. It is something that will happen naturally and with no hustle. In one hour of dancing, you could burn up to 254 calories, and this is quite a reasonable amount.


You need to make it a routine to take your favorite exercises at least three times in a week. You should also take in enough water during the exercising sessions alongside a healthy diet. This way you do not need to use any more of ProbioSlim.

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