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8 easy ways to lose weight fast that never fail you

8-easy-ways-to-lose-weight-fastThere’s nothing scientific or technical about these methods. They’re very simple. They’re also very healthy for you. Furthermore, they’ll leave you fulfilled, happy and feeling good. These are just simple, down to earth weight loss methods that have worked several times for me, for Chester and for thousands of people who have come to Chester for advice over the years.



1. Eat eggs for breakfast


At least five days of the week, I have two eggs for breakfast. Have them anyway you like. My preference is hard boiled.

The other two days of the week, I may have cereal, oatmeal or waffles. I find that, on these days, I am more hungry later in the day. On days I have eggs, I’m not so hungry.

Because of the high protein in eggs, they fill you up and suppress your appetite, causing you to not want to eat more later in the day.

2. Eat plenty of vegetables


Vegetables keep you filled up. They’re not fattening. No matter how much you eat, you’re not going to gain weight. They are very easy to digest, easy to work off, and keep you feeling the way you want to feel. In summary, filling up on vegetables when you’re hungry will help you lose at least 70 percent more weight that other foods you could eat.

3. Drink plenty or water


There is no limit to the water you could drink. You can’t drink too much water. Drinking water is just as good as eating, if not better. Common sense will tell you that you should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day anyway.

If you’re hungry, don’t eat. Drink water instead. I promise, you’ll not be hungry any more.

4. Get junk foods and tempting foods out of your house


Many people just eat, and eat because it’s a habit. Most don’t eat because they’re hungry. They just eat because the food is there. If the junk foods and tempting foods are not there, you won’t eat them. This will allow you to lose about 50 percent weight than you would normally lose.

5. Stay busy


Many people just eat because they’re bored. There’s nothing else to do. If you stay busy, and keep your mind occupied with other important things, you won’t even think about eating. If you don’t think about eating, you won’t eat, and you’ll lose weight.

6. Always eat at the table, from a plate


Have you ever been to an old fashioned hot dog stand? It’s nothing but a little hole in the wall. Many people have lunch in these types of places. They eat standing up, and the food does not enter the body and digest properly.

Another habit people have is, they like to pick, pick, pick. This means, you want something to eat, go to the refrigerator, grab something and eat it. Then, you do it again five minutes later, and then, again and again. That’s no way to eat. It’s also no way to lose weight.

Have you meals the civilized way. Always sit down at the table to eat, and always eat from a plate. When you’re done, no picking. This makes a tremendous difference.

7. Eat from a smaller plate


Psychologically, this makes a huge difference. The mind tells the body it’s full after eating, causing you to eat much less. Do this over an extended period of time, which is about three weeks, and you’ll lose at least 65 percent more weight.

8. Never skip a meal


Even if you’re not very hungry, you must still have your meal. You can always eat less. The key to losing weight is doing things consistently, and never doing anything that will disrupt your plan.

If you skip a meal, you’ll be doing yourself more harm that good. In an hour or so, you’ll be hungry, and will have that temptation to snack. Have you meal, at the time you’re supposed to have it, and you will not have that temptation to snack.

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