How to get rid of acid reflux, immediately, and keep it away

acid-refluxOccasionally, I used to suffer from acid reflux. The symptoms include burning pain in the chest that usually occurs after eating. Acid reflux is cause by certain foods you eat. I can’t be specific, because the effects are different for some people as they are for others. It won’t kill you, but it will almost make you wish you were dead. It’s more a nuisance than a serious ailment.

I’m happy to say that my days of suffering from this pest are history. Here’s why.

A simple home remedy that killed my acid reflux right away

Most often, you won’t notice the symptoms until you lie down. This happened to me a few nights ago, while I was in bed trying to get to sleep. About three hours before I retired, I ate some chocolate pastry for desert after my dinner. When I went to bed, I fell asleep immediately. An hour later, I awoke with the worst acid reflux symptoms imaginable.

Immediately, I remembered a home remedy that I discovered a few days earlier. I went to the refrigerator, and opened a jar of hamburger dill pickle chips. I ate 4 dill pickle chips, and drank two tablespoons of pickle juice. Then, I went back to bed. The acid reflux was gone, and I had a very peaceful night’s sleep. It hasn’t come back since.

Try this remedy. it will work every time.

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