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You’ll be happy to know that you burn fat when you sleep

brainThere are many reasons the body burns fat while you’re sleeping, and continuously as a result of sleeping. A restful sleep, every night, allows the body to work in harmony. This is essential to burning fat.

This is the second in a two part series of articles about how important sleeping is to weight loss. The last article focused on how sleep, in general, has a tremendous positive effect on losing weight. Here, I want to show you some specific reasons why sleep will actually burn fat, and how it gets the body ready to burn the fat.



Sleeping stops late night snacks

Having late night snacks, consistently, will do you in if you want to lose weight. Instead of staying up late a night, or until the early hours of the morning, the body should be getting that much needed rest. The sooner you get to sleep, the sooner your body will start burning fat. Also, there will be much less fat to burn.

Sleeping places the body in a relaxed state

If you’re suffering from anxiety, the body’s not going to burn fat. It’s as if the body’s fat burning capabilities have completely shut down. The body must be in a relaxed state, so the internal mechanisms can do their jobs. Burning fat is caused by the energy generated within the body. Sleeping restores this energy. If the body is tired, it can’t burn fat. The result is, the body is suddenly relaxed, and is burning fat while you are sleeping.

The Brain is more focused

Burning fat may be considered psychological by many, but there is some truth to this. To burn fat, the brain has to be relaxed, and focused on what needs to be done. This may be subconscious, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is, the brain must be in its own relaxed state of mind in order for the body to burn the fat. Sleeping – a restful night sleep – places the brain in this relaxed state. The result is, the body burns fat, even while you are sleeping.

A Restful Night Sleep gets you ready for the next day

After a good night sleep, you are refreshed, active, and ready to do the things you need to do. The mind and body are relaxed. You suddenly have more energy, and you’re not stressed out. This enables you to burn fat for two reasons:

  • First, the body can’t burn fat until it’s ready to do so. The entire body must be relaxed. This is the most crucial requirement for the body to be able to burn the fat.
  • Second, the body is relaxed after a restful night sleep. You are ready to do the things you want to do. This means, staying active and moving around, as opposed to being stressed out and sitting around all day. The result is, less habitual eating, more activity and finally, fat burning.

How an older person burns fat after a good night sleep

lipozeneWhat I’m about to show you is very simple. You must try this, because it’s very effective.

I once talked to a magnificent woman, who was ninety five years of age. I asked her, “If there’s any secret to living a long life, can you share it with me?” She was very happy to do so.

Every morning when she wakes, she does a few light exercises before she even gets out of bed. Some of the exercises she explained are, light movement of the arms and legs, rotating the neck muscles, and light sit ups. All this takes is about five minutes.

She went on to say that, every time she does this before getting out of bed, she is refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on a full and pleasant day. On the other hand, on days she did not do this, she noticed that she was not as vibrant and energetic. Finally, she pointed out that it’s not easy to motivate yourself to get out of bed in the morning. But every time she does these light exercises, she is ready to get out of the bed, and start enjoying a very productive and pleasant day.


In closing, I want to point out that changes in brain activity will result in changes to your desire and reason for eating. As the brain is more relaxed, and in sync with the rest of the body, you’ll focus more on the foods that are good for you, and the ones that will give you the most pleasure. You’ll no longer have the mind state that forces you to eat anything in sight, just because it’s there. Put another way, the brain, in it’s new state, allows you to change many of your old habits.

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