5 drinks that help you lose weight more effectively


Liquid diets can can be very effective when losing weight. They provide fewer calories to consume. But do they really work? The answer may surprise you.


How to prevent gaining back the weight after you’ve lost it


When you lose 100 pounds, then gain back 110 pounds, the body has been programmed to return to its former weight, once the old eating habits return. Your goal is to re-set the body. You don’t do this by depriving it of calories, but, by proper nourishment. This means, resetting your hormones, and molding your […]

Why reducing calories alone will not work with weight loss


You may have heard the same stories over and over again. People lose weight for about a month, eating nothing but cookies, and nothing else. Unfortunately, this reduction of calories doesn’t work, in the long run.


Can you have a dessert for dinner and still lose weight? Of course [Infographic]


Have a dessert for dinner and still lose weight. You can even have two. I CAN PROVE IT. […]

Eat healthy, be happy and still enjoy the junk foods you love

Eat Healthy

There’s a way to eat the foods you enjoy so much, and still eat healthy. I call it cutting your risks. There are two main causes of death related to the foods we eat – heart disease and cancer. We here have joined together to come up with some ways that will help you […]

Diet or Exercise – Which is better for Weight Loss?


Being active is just as important in weight loss as your daily diet. When you’re active, your body burns more calories, and you lose weight.

Diet or Exercise – Which is more important? […]

5 Natural Ingredients In Organic Tea that improve Weight Loss


There are 5 natural ingredients in organic tea that help improve metabolism and weight loss.

Organic tea simply implies the tea is made from tea leaves cultivated organically. It has negligible amount of preservatives and toxic flavours which makes it extremely harmless and beneficial for consumption on a daily basis.

Sipping organic tea on […]

Healthy Eating – The Best Way to Lose Weight


By now, you know that you don’t have to stop eating, and you can still lose weight. To lose weight, you have to eat, and eat healthy. Healthy eating is the cornerstone of weight loss.

You want to lose weight in the first place because you want to enjoy life – RIGHT? I sure […]

Eat like a KING early, PRINCE for lunch and PAUPER later


Eat like a KING for breakfast, a PRINCE for lunch and a PAUPER for dinner.

This means, eat more early in the day, and less as the day goes on.

This is the way to eat if you want to lose weight. The earlier in the day you eat, the more hours left in the […]

5 Worst Foods You Can Eat if you want to lose weight


The 5 worst foods you can eat taste very good. The problem is that they are not very healthy. You’ll never lose weight if you eat them everyday.


Losing Weight Has A Lot to Do with What you Eat.

You don’t have to completely stay away from the foods I’m about to mention. […]