Is losing weight too quickly necessarily safe?


Losing weight too quickly can be unsafe, and a little dangerous if not done in moderation. This is not always the case. However, before trying any weight loss program of this magnitude, first see your health care professional, and second, always assume the worst case scenario. It’s better to be safe, because there are health […]

How Lack of Sleep affects mood changes


Can Lack of Sleep negatively affect mood changes? A good night’s sleep, or even an adequate night’s sleep helps you live a healthy and happy life. It is accurate to say, “SLEEP, and LOSE WEIGHT.” […]

37 Awesome Weight Loss Tips to know that will make you smile


Relax and enjoy. I’ve put together a list of the 37 awesome weight loss tips that are guaranteed to get you excited. […]

You’ll be happy to know that you burn fat when you sleep


There are many reasons the body burns fat while you’re sleeping, and continuously as a result of sleeping. A restful sleep, every night, allows the body to work in harmony. This is essential to burning fat.

This is the second in a two part series of articles about how important sleeping is to weight loss. […]

F Y I: When you sleep like a baby, you’ll lose weight like crazy


This sounds almost too good to be true. Most things that do, are not true. I assure you, this is an exception.

Losing weight – All about healthy living

Chester has said that successful weight loss revolves around eating healthy. I want to compliment this statement by saying, “Weight loss revolves around living healthy.” […]