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2 things that will help you lose weight after the Holidays

Lose Weight After Holidays

Yesterday morning, I was in the downtown area of the City where I live. I ran into an old friend I hadn’t seen for years. We said our hello’s, and then started talking about old times. The first thing he said to me was, “Man, I’m so glad this Holiday Season is over. I’m scared […]

Eating Healthy – The first of two keys to losing weight


If I can sum up my weight loss theory into two categories, they are, the one I’m about to show you now, and, the one I’ll show you next time. Everything I know about weight loss revolves around these two areas. Master them, and you will master weight loss, FOREVER.


How hormones can hurt your chances of losing weight


Most people who lose weight gain back the weight they lost, plus additional weight within 18 months. At one time, this was the result of lack of will power and returning to old habits. But there are other reasons that can be specifically identified.


If you want to lose weight fast, do what I did. It was unbelievable


When I asked myself, “How can I lose weight fast”, I started a slow carb diet. Immediately, I dropped 13 pounds without even trying. This was so easy and while doing this, I was never hungry. I also ate more food than ever because the food I was eating was very heavy in nutrients.

I […]

Can you lose weight by rubbing your stomach?

lose weight by-rubbing-your-stomach

If you rub really hard and stimulate bowel movement you’ll lose a little weight. This helps what is in your system to go through easier and quicker. […]

Can Meditation Help You Lose Weight?

Meditation is beneficial for weight loss due to the fact it prevents us from overeating, cravings, and comfort eating. Meditation yields very successful results, and is a great addition to any weight loss program. […]

Best time to weigh yourself when you’re on a water pill


Generally, people are heavier in the morning when they first wake up. They urinate. Then, they take a water pill in the morning. Two hours later, they weigh themselves, and discover they weigh less.

When you should weigh yourself

It doesn’t matter when you weigh yourself, as long as you consistently follow the same routine. […]

Exercise & diet must work together or you’ll break down


Exercise and diet are equally important in weight loss. If you do one without the other, you won’t get the results you’re looking for. Sometimes, it could be a disaster. […]

4 tips on trying to lose weight while pregnant


There are some things you may want to consider. But your doctor is the only person who has the right answers, and the only one you should trust with this one. […]

8 easy ways to lose weight fast that never fail you


There’s nothing scientific or technical about these methods. They are based mostly on common sense and good judgement. Some will surprise you. […]

3 ways to lose weight fast, easy, and stay healthy


Want to lose weight fast and easy, and stay healthy. Simple! Just follow these three tips. […]

Old Habits are not so Hard To Break – Sorry Hank!


Hank Williams, Jr. was awesome in his hit record, Old Habits Like You Are Hard to Break. But is Hank right? If you’ve never heard him sing this song, you can hear it here.

Several years ago, Chester, myself and another gentleman by the name of Dan occasionally hit the night clubs, mainly just […]

Positive Mental Attitude makes losing weight so much fun

Positive Mental Attitude

If you don’t think losing weight can be fun, think again. I’ve never enjoyed life as much as I did when I lost 75 pounds in 4 months. Every time I stepped on the scale, or looked in the mirror, I said to myself, “Man, it’s just a joy to be alive. I can’t believe […]