Does Coffee make a difference in Losing Weight?

coffee-weight-lossI’ll get right to the point. You better believe it makes a difference. Coffee makes a huge difference in losing weight.

I love good coffee. I’ve been drinking it since I was six years old. I don’t just drink it for breakfast. I can drink it any time of the day or night. When I Lost 75 Pounds in less that 3 Months, I couldn’t imagine going without coffee. I was able to drink all the coffee I wanted, with a few modifications.

The enemies of coffee

Before I started my weight loss journey, I always drank my coffee with cream and sugar. Naturally, this is not good for weight loss. You could take it with an artificial sweetener, especially if you want to ruin a good cup of coffee.

I never tried drinking it black before my quest, because the thought never entered my mind. But one day, I convinced myself that if I wanted to lose weight, and still enjoy coffee, I had to drink it black. The first time was a little strange to me. The second time, it was much better. But in less than a week, I couldn’t drink it any other way.

Black coffee is better for three reasons. First, coffee has no calories or fat. You can drink a hundred cups of coffee every day, and you won’t gain a pound. In fact, you’ll lose weight because you’ll urinate more than you take in.

The second reason is even better. Before I began drinking it black, I never had a real cup of coffee.The cream, sugar and other additives take away from the fine flavor and aroma. And let’s face it, I’m talking about one of life’s simple pleasures. Some people add Irish Whiskey and Brandy. Just think of the calories this adds to a cup of fresh brew, as well as taking away from the flavor.

Finally, drinking a cup of black coffee, and really savoring the fine flavor and aroma will help you psychologically. You will appreciate it more. This leads to other motivations in losing weight. For example, you won’t be drinking a cup of coffee because it’s there, and available to you right at your fingertips. You’ll drink it because you enjoy it. The same is true with food. The reason you eat certain foods is because you enjoy them. Therefore, with both coffee and food, you’ll appreciate what you’re enjoying, savor the moment, and will be inclined to consume much less. You will go for quality, and not quantity. And this makes losing weight much easier to achieve in a convincing way.

Coffee curbs your appetite

If you have a hard time with your will power while trying to lose weight, coffee will help you control your cravings. The same is true for both regular and decaf. This is not based on any scientific study. I’m telling you this because this is something that helped me when I Lost 75 Pounds in less than 3 Months. Wouldn’t you rather here about this from someone who’s done it instead of a research scientist at a major college of university?

In summary, the more coffee you drink, the less you’ll want to eat. Coffee will fill you up. And again, there are no calories or fat. As long as the caffeine doesn’t drive you crazy, drink all the coffee you want. You’ll see the weight drop of. This is one of the many little things that help you lose weight. But remember, a hundred little things make up one big thing – Losing weight and looking your best.

So the next time you drink a cup of coffee, think about losing weight, because that’s exactly what it’s helping you to do.

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