Have you ever seen a fast food restaurant with blue decor?

color blueDuring the fall, I love attending college football games. I can’t remember ever being hungry during a game. At first, I thought it was because I was so nervous. My team is the Auburn Tigers, and they can make a fan nervous when they have to pull out a close win. But come to think of it, I’ve been to games that Auburn won easily, and still wasn’t hungry. After studying the situation, I came to realize that there’s something peculiar about the color blue.

Why the color blue is significant in weight loss

The color blue is an appetite suppressant. Looking back over the years, I’ve gathered evidence that this means something. Several years ago, my office was painted blue. Now that I look back, I very seldom ate lunch (which I don’t recommend). There’s something about the color blue that makes food seem less tempting. It’s a color that puts you in a relaxed mood. When you’re relaxed, you’re content. When you’re stressed out, you want to eat. This makes sense.

On the other hand, bright colors, such as red, orange and yellow tend to give you an appetite. By the way, Auburn wears orange stripes on their jerseys, but it’s hard to see from the stands.

The next time you visit a fast food restaurant, be sure an notice the color decor. While you’re at it, try to stay away from the bright colors and surround yourself with the color blue. This theory may seem crazy, but it has worked for me in the past. In weight loss, many little things add up to make one huge difference.

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