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Diet or Exercise – Which is better for Weight Loss?

exerciseBeing active is just as important in weight loss as your daily diet. When you’re active, your body burns more calories, and you lose weight.

Diet or Exercise – Which is more important?

Both exercise and diet are equally important. The two work hand in hand, but they are different. Your diet has a stronger effect on your ability to lose weight in the first place. Exercise burns fat, and keeps on burning fat if done on a consistent basis. Therefore, exercise has a stronger effect on your ability to keep the weight off, as opposed to your diet, which sometimes can result in the weight coming back.

Your exercise plan, in a nutshell

A well defined exercise plan is very simple. It doesn’t have to be demanding. However, it does take commitment and consistency in order to be effective.

A good exercise plan is divided into two parts.


Cardio should be done every day, including Saturday and Sunday. It should also be done as early in the day as possible, preferably, at 5:00AM.

There are many forms of cardio. When you ride a bicycle, you’re doing cardio. When you walk or swim, these are cardio. Playing golf, tennis and basketball are also excellent forms of cardio.

The best formal cardio plan is working out on a treadmill. You can also work out on an elliptical machine. I prefer the treadmill, because it has benefited me more than the elliptical machine. But they’re both effective. Choose the one that works best for you, or use both and alternate.

I recommend a manual treadmill, although most people prefer the motorized treadmills. The manual treadmill will give you a much better workout.

When you first start out, set the resistance to a level with which you are comfortable. Then, when you are in better physical condition, you can adjust the resistance level accordingly.

The most important thing to remember about cardio is the length of time you spend working out. You must work out for 40 minutes a day – no more, and no less. If you decide to extend your workout to one, two or three hours, you’re wasting your time and energy. It’s not going to benefit you any more than the 40 minute workout.

Strength Training

This is great exercise, because it burns the fat like nothing else does. This should be done four days a week, preferably on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. You can do this immediately after the cardio, or you can do it later in the day. Do whatever is more comfortable for you.

To do strength, you’ll need access to a weight machine or home gym, and a set of dumbbells. All of this is available if you are a member of a gym. If you prefer to workout at home, you can buy all the equipment you’ll need, and it’s not expensive.

There are two types of strength training. The first is the one in which you exercise a certain part of your body on a certain day. For example, you may want to work on legs on Monday, arms on Tuesday, abs on Thursday and the back on Friday.

The second type is circuit training, which is what I recommend. Circuit training exercises the overall body, as opposed to certain parts of the body. Just pick out several exercises with which you feel comfortable, such as, bench press, curls, leg workouts, dumbbells, push ups, sit ups, etc. For each exercise, do ten to fifteen lifts, divided into four or five sets. Wait about a minute and a half between sets. Do what your body allows you to do. On Monday and Thursday, do the push exercises, such as, bench press. On Tuesday and Friday, do the pull exercises, such as, curls. You goal should be to get between 350 to 400 lifts each day that you work out.

As a general rule, this shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes. However, the number of lifts is more important than the time it takes you to complete your workout.


If you remain active, keep in mind that you’re automatically exercising. Walking to your car or up a flight of stairs is cardio. Lifting heavy boxes or heavy yard work is strength training. However, to maintain your desired weight. you definitely will want to have a formal workout plan.

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