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Eat Healthy, Live a Long Life – One gentleman’s story

I want to tell you a story about a man I once knew.

He was a business associate, a multi millionaire and a brilliant business man.

beijingHe made his money many, many years before I met him. He had long since retired, but suddenly became bored. To keep busy, he decided to open a restaurant about 80 miles from my hometown. While doing business with him, and his restaurant, I drove to see him twice a month. I liked doing that. First, it was a pleasant drive to go see him. Second, being much older, and wiser, he was quite an inspiration for me. Here I was, a young man, who had a role model. He was an interesting and pleasant man to be around, and very easy to communicate with.

The problem was, we couldn’t talk to each other. He was one of the nicest gentlemen I have ever known. He also let me know that I was pleasant to do business with. Every time he looked at me, I had a pretty idea what he wanted to say to me.

Why we talk to each other? Because, he could not speak English, and I could not speak his language. He was Chinese, and he owned a Chinese Restaurant.

This was a truly exceptional gentleman. There are some other things about him that will amaze you.

There was a translator available, who was also a friend of the gentleman. Even without the translator, I could always read him and I knew what was on his mind. He could do the same with me.

Eating Healthy – How it Affected this Gentleman’s Life

The Whole30-The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food FreedomThere are two other things you need to know about this gentleman. First, he did not have an ounce of fat anywhere on his body. Have you ever seen a Chinese person who was overweight? Probably not, because the Chinese people practically invented healthy eating.

The second thing about this gentleman is going to surprise you. He was 101 years old. This was amazing. He was more active that any 60 year old I have ever met. I’ve known 30 year old people who could not keep up with this gentleman. Besides running the restaurant, he played 18 holes of golf, at least twice a week. I played golf with him twice, and we did not ride in a golf cart. We walked the course.

I had lunch with him several times. I also had dinner with him at least 5 times. I watched how he ate, and I paid very close attention to the foods he ate. He knew how to eat healthy, and he he encouraged me to do the same. So, with the help of the translator, I asked, “What is your secret to living such a long life, and staying so fit and trim?”

His answer was, “I have two secrets. My first secret is, I eat healthy. I only eat rice, chicken and fish. My second secret is, I never worry about anything.”

Eat Healthy and Live a Long Life

The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness-A Four-Step Plan for Resilient LivingThis gentleman was living proof that the concept, “Eat Healthy and Live a Long Life” does work. And don’t forget, the man was in better shape that many athletes.

After two years, I never saw the gentleman again. He closed the restaurant, and we just lost contact. I never heard of what became of the gentleman. If he is still alive, he would be 125 years old. This is highly unlikely. But if anyone could do it, it would be this gentleman. And if he is still alive, he is probably as slim and trim as he ever was.

It’s a fact. Eat Healthy, and Don’t Worry. My friend proved this to be true. Where ever he is now, I want to thank him for being such a role model for me, and I hope that his story has motivated you.

Until Next Time, Eat Healthy, Stay Active, and for Goodness Sakes, Don’t Worry About Anything.

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