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Elon Meal Plans

Offering convenient and flexible dining options, Elon's meal plans are designed to simplify your dining experience and cater to your needs.

Hey there, have you ever found meal plans to be as confusing as navigating a maze?

At Elon, meal plans are here to make your dining experience easy and flexible. Whether you're a freshman just starting out or a senior with a busy schedule, Elon's meal plans have you covered.

If you want to make the most of dining on campus and learn about the benefits of Elon's meal plans, keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

Benefits of Elon Meal Plans

Elon Meal Plans offer a convenient and budget-friendly way to access healthy meals on campus. When you choose a meal plan, you'll save money compared to buying individual meals. The overall cost per meal is reduced, giving you great value for your money.

Plus, the meal options are carefully selected to include a variety of nutritious and well-balanced choices. Whether you prefer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or other healthy options, the meal plans cater to different dietary needs. This means you can make wholesome food choices without sacrificing taste or convenience.

Available Meal Plan Options

At Elon University, you have a range of meal plan options to pick from, each tailored to different dining preferences and budgets. The meal plans are designed to accommodate various dietary needs, including food allergies and specific cultural or religious dietary requirements.

Here's what you can choose from:

  • Residential Meal Plans
  • Unlimited Plan: This plan offers unrestricted access to the dining hall and includes a set number of guest meals per semester. It's great if you eat most of your meals on campus and like the flexibility of having guests.
  • Block Plans: These plans provide a fixed number of meals per semester, giving you the freedom to use them as you wish. They suit students who prefer a more structured dining schedule and want to manage their meals efficiently.

It's important to note that the cost of each plan varies based on its features and included dining options. If you have specific dietary restrictions, the university's dining services can work with you to ensure that your meal plan aligns with your requirements.

Dining Locations on Campus

campus dining options detailed

Elon University's campus is home to a variety of dining spots that cater to the culinary needs of students, faculty, and staff.

Lakeside Dining Hall is a popular choice, offering a wide range of cuisines, including options for vegetarians and those with gluten-free dietary preferences.

If you're a fan of made-to-order stir-fry and pasta stations, McEwen Dining Hall is the place to be.

For budget-friendly meals, head to Colonnades Dining Hall or grab a quick bite from one of the on-campus food trucks.

Additionally, the Elon Community Garden supplies fresh produce to campus dining locations, promoting sustainable and healthy food choices.

These dining options not only provide delicious food but also serve as social hubs, fostering a sense of community and belonging among students, faculty, and staff.

How to Sign Up for a Meal Plan

Looking to sign up for a meal plan at Elon University? Head over to the dining services website to check out the meal plan options available. Here's how you can get started:

  • Eligibility Requirements

Before you sign up for a meal plan, make sure to review the eligibility requirements. Some plans may be limited to on-campus students, while others may be open to everyone. Be sure to meet any eligibility criteria before moving forward with the sign-up process.

It's important to take a close look at the details of each meal plan to figure out which one suits your dining preferences and lifestyle. Also, consider any dietary needs or restrictions you may have when exploring the meal plan options.

Tips for Maximizing Your Meal Plan

meal plan optimization tips

When it comes to getting the most out of your meal plan, it's all about using ingredients that can do double duty in different dishes. Meal prep is a game-changer, too. By taking some time to prep ingredients ahead of time, like chopping veggies or marinating meats, you can cut down on the time and effort needed to cook during the week. This not only saves time but also means you'll have ready-to-go ingredients for all kinds of meals, making it easier to stick to your meal plan.

Opting for budget-friendly recipes is another big way to maximize your meal plan. Look for recipes that use affordable but nutritious ingredients, like beans, lentils, and seasonal veggies. Planning your meals around these cost-effective staples can really stretch your meal plan budget.

And don't forget about batch cooking – making larger portions and using leftovers for new meals helps cut down on waste and gets the most out of your meal plan.


To sum up, picking an Elon meal plan offers students convenience, a wide range of options, and cost savings.

Were you aware that 82% of Elon students go for a meal plan?

With choices that accommodate every schedule and lifestyle, it's easy to understand why so many students decide to take advantage of the benefits provided by Elon meal plans.

Whether you're a busy student or faculty member, there's a plan that suits your needs.