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Embry Riddle Meal Plan

Jumpstart your campus dining experience with Embry-Riddle's meal plan, offering convenience and flexibility for all your culinary needs.

As an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University student, you'll find that the meal plan offers a convenient way to access meals on campus.

Picture being able to grab a quick bite between classes or sit down for a leisurely meal with friends without having to worry about carrying cash.

The meal plan not only gives you access to various dining locations on campus, but it also offers different options to fit your dietary needs and preferences.

However, there are important things to keep in mind when choosing and managing your meal plan, and understanding these aspects can greatly impact your overall campus experience.

Benefits of the Meal Plan

When you sign up for the Embry Riddle meal plan, you get access to a convenient and balanced dining option that fits your academic and personal lifestyle. One of the main perks of the meal plan is the money you save. By choosing the meal plan, you can save money compared to buying individual meals or eating out all the time. This cost-effective approach helps you budget better and use your resources for other important parts of your college experience.

On top of saving money, the meal plan is super convenient. With several dining spots around campus, you can easily get delicious and healthy meals without the hassle of cooking or grocery shopping. This convenience is especially great for busy students who mightn't have time to cook or the means to make their own meals.

What's more, the meal plan offers a wide range of food options to fit different dietary preferences and nutritional needs. From fresh salads to hearty entrees, the diverse selection ensures you can find something to enjoy at every meal, promoting a balanced and healthy diet.

Meal Plan Options

When you choose the Embry Riddle meal plan, you get access to a wide range of meal options that are designed to meet different dietary preferences and nutritional needs.

The meal plan offers healthy choices to support your overall well-being, whether you're vegetarian, vegan, or need gluten-free options. The menu is carefully created by nutrition experts to ensure balanced and nutritious meals, with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains to fuel your body and mind.

In addition to healthy choices, the meal plan also provides budget-friendly options. It's designed to accommodate different financial situations without compromising on the quality of food. You'll find cost-effective meal options that are both nutritious and satisfying, ensuring that all students have access to wholesome meals without straining their budget.

When choosing your meal plan, consider your dietary needs and budget. The options available are tailored to support your health and financial wellness throughout your academic journey.

How to Sign Up

instructions for account registration

If you want to sign up for the Embry Riddle meal plan, head over to the university's dining services website and fill out the online registration form. Make sure you're eligible by being a current student or faculty member before you start the sign-up process.

Once you've filled out the form, you'll be asked to pick a meal plan and choose how you want to pay. You can usually pay the meal plan fees online through secure payment methods, and some plans might offer flexible payment schedules.

After you sign up and choose your meal plan, take some time to get to know when and where you can eat. The dining facilities at the university usually have specific hours during the week and weekends. It's important to plan your meals around these hours so you can make the most of your meal plan.

Don't forget to keep your student or faculty ID handy, as you'll need it to get into the dining facilities. Once you've finished signing up, you'll be all set to enjoy the convenience and benefits of the Embry Riddle meal plan while dealing with your busy schedule.

Dining Locations on Campus

Once you've signed up for the Embry Riddle meal plan, get to know the different dining spots on campus to make the most of your dining experience. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University offers a variety of on-campus dining options to meet your needs. The Student Village Commons, Flight Deck, and the Student Union are popular dining spots on campus. Each place offers a diverse range of meal options, including healthy choices, vegetarian, and allergy-friendly selections. By checking out these dining spots, you can enjoy the convenience of on-campus dining while making the most of the meal plan benefits.

The meal plan benefits at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University go beyond access to on-campus dining spots. With the meal plan, you can enjoy the flexibility of choosing from different meal plan options that suit your lifestyle and dietary preferences. Additionally, the meal plan offers a cost-effective way to manage your dining expenses while on campus. By using the meal plan, you can save time and money, allowing you to focus on your academic and extracurricular activities.

Make the most of your meal plan benefits by getting familiar with the on-campus dining spots and the diverse array of culinary offerings available to you.

Special Dietary Accommodations

catering to dietary restrictions

If you have food allergies or specific dietary needs, the Embry Riddle meal plan has you covered. Whether you're gluten-free, vegetarian, or have other requirements, the campus dining spots offer a range of options to ensure you can enjoy delicious and safe meals.

The staff is well-trained to help you find suitable menu items and can guide you through the available choices.

Allergies and Restrictions

At Embry Riddle, we take special dietary needs seriously. Our approach is based on professional standards, research, and practical solutions for individual restrictions and allergies.

We're meticulous about identifying and labeling common allergens in all our meals. This ensures transparency and safety for students with allergies.

We offer a wide variety of options to accommodate various dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and low-sodium choices. Our chefs are trained to prepare meals with careful attention to cross-contamination, providing peace of mind for those with food sensitivities.

Our commitment to managing allergens and dietary considerations ensures that all students can enjoy delicious, nourishing meals without compromising their health or preferences.

Customized Meal Options

At Embry Riddle, we understand that everyone has different dietary needs. That's why we offer a wide range of meal options to cater to various restrictions and preferences. Our goal is to ensure that all students can enjoy delicious, nourishing meals that support their well-being and academic success.

Whether you're looking for plant-based choices or have specific dietary requirements like gluten-free or dairy-free, our dining services team can create personalized meals just for you. We also have plenty of vegetarian options available, packed with nutrient-rich ingredients to keep your diet balanced.

Our commitment to providing customizable meal choices reflects our dedication to supporting your individual health goals and dietary preferences. We want every student to have a dining experience that meets their needs and contributes to their overall well-being.

Managing Your Meal Plan Account

To keep tabs on your meal plan at Embry Riddle, it's a good idea to regularly check your balance and track your spending. Here are some practical tips to help you manage your meal plan effectively:

  • Check Your Balance: Keep an eye on your account balance to know how much you have left to spend. This will help you plan your meals and make smart choices about your expenses.
  • Add Funds as Needed: If you see that your balance is getting low, think about adding more funds to make sure you can cover your meals for the rest of the term. This will help you avoid any disruptions in your dining routine.
  • Track Your Spending: Keep a record of what you buy to understand your spending habits. This will help you make changes if necessary and make sure you're using your meal plan wisely.


To sum up, the Embry Riddle meal plan is a great way to enjoy tasty and healthy meals on campus.

Did you know that more than 90% of students using the meal plan are happy with the food options?

The plan offers flexibility and can accommodate special dietary needs, making it a top choice for students at Embry Riddle.