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Failure at losing weight – It’s a very powerful motivator

fail-to-lose-weightDoes history remember Hall of Fame baseball player, Ted Williams as a failure?

What about Abraham Lincoln? The man lost his home, failed in business, had a nervous breakdown, lost almost every election in which he ran, and finally was elected and became one of the greatest U.S. Presidents in history. Was he a failure?

Finally, there’s Oprah. Did she fail? After all, she was harassed and fired from her first job as an anchor woman in Baltimore.

It’s very accurate to say that none of these people were failures. But enough about them. At this time, I’m more interested in you.

Failure at losing weight doesn’t mean you’re a failure

If you think so, you’re not even going to try to lose weight. In this case, you’re not a failure. You’re a quitter. That’s much worse than being a failure.

No one in the world is a failure. There are failures, and they are real. But there is no such thing as a person who is a failure.

There is also such a thing as failing. But it means nothing. It’s only a temporary reaction. I’ve failed many times. Every time I failed, I was devastated, for about twenty seconds.

What do you do when you fail? You get back up and try again. Failure is not going to do you in, and I’m going to do everything I can do to make sure it doesn’t. On the contrary, failure should make you mad, and mad enough to try again and beat it to a pulp.

If you think you’ve failed at losing weight, you’re wrong. Failure is very powerful motivation to get up and try again. Without failure, there is no success. If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you may think you’ve failed seven times. But the eighth time, you’re not going to fail. Then, all the previous seven times are forgotten. You are set.

How to deal with believing you’re a failure at losing weight

There are three ways you can choose to deal with failure at losing weight.

  • You think you’re a failure. “You are what you think you are.” If you think you’re a failure, chances are, it may be true. You are already thinking in a negative way. Therefore, whatever you do or try to do will not work. From the very start, you know you’re going to fail. Eventually, you give up, because you are a quitter. Don’t choose this way. This is not YOU.
  • You are afraid of failure. It’s perfectly all right to be afraid of failure. In 1969, was the first man to walk on the moon afraid of failure? I would have been. Did it stop him? For the answer to this question, click here. Fear of failure is natural. This means you’re human. Use this fear as a motivator. If you do this, you will overcome it.
  • You welcome failure. Again, I say, failure means nothing. Use it as your reason for going on and trying harder. Make failure your new friend. When you fail, tell failure, “It’s all right.” Then, it won’t bother you any more. Just move on, succeed, and finally, crush it like a bug. If you welcome failure, you don’t think you’re going to lose weight – YOU KNOW YOU”RE GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT.

Closing thoughts

failureRemember this for the rest of your life – If you have failed, you’re in very good company.

Failure is a very big part of trying to lose weight. Without failure, you’re not going to do it. You have failed before, and you might fail again. But only think about the big picture. Use failure as the motivational factor to keep that drive inside of you going in the right direction.

Welcome failure. Make friends with it. Learn from it. Keep going, and you will lose weight, look good, feel good, and be happy for the rest of your life.

Keep failure close, overcome it, and defeat it, once and for all. Some of the most successful people have do it. So can you.

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