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How hormones can hurt your chances of losing weight


Most people who lose weight gain back the weight they lost, plus additional weight within 18 months. At one time, this was the result of lack of will power and returning to old habits. But there are other reasons that can be specifically identified.

Long after losing the weight you want to lose, the body shows some resentment, and fights against the weight loss that’s been accomplished.

Here’s what happens:

  • The body changes after losing a significant amount of weight, and this change remains within one year. The body subconsciously reacts as if it’s in a starving state, and works overtime to gain back the weight lost.
  • Hormone ghrelin, better known as the hunger hormone, is 20 percent higher than before losing the weight.
  • A hormone associated with suppressing hunger, peptide YY, is also lower than normal.
  • Levels of leptin, a hormone that suppresses hunger and increases metabolism, also remain lower after significant weight loss.
  • A number of other hormones associated with hunger and metabolism all remain drastically changed, compared to the ways they were before dieting and weight loss.

Hormones are changed. What does this mean?

In layman terms, this means that more powerful ways to maintain the desired weight, and keep the weight from coming back are no longer present, once a significant amount of weight has been lost. To maintain the weight after it is lost, these are required.

How to overcome this

The best way is to lose weight, and keep it from coming back, is to adjust reset your hormones, or, lose weight under the supervision and advice of a nutritionist. He/she can adjust your diet according to your new weight so you never suffer from starvation, you are always fully nourished and your daily calorie requirements are met.

How exercise can hurt this process

Exercise creates a reduction in calories when you are dieting, and may actually be placing the body in a starvation state. This is neither healthy or sustainable.

A fitness trainer who understands nutrition can be very helpful, even if you want to reach a small goal like losing 10 pounds. Every time you lose 10 pounds, or the desired weight you want to lose, your diet and exercise routine can be adjusted to the new calorie requirements of the body.

When you start thinking about losing weight, losing a little weight is better than losing no weight at all. Even a 5 percent reduction of weight means you’re a little healthier than before.

Don’t try to do too much, too soon. You may be doing yourself more harm than good.

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