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How to prevent gaining back the weight after you’ve lost it

whole-30When you lose 100 pounds, then gain back 110 pounds, the body has been programmed to return to its former weight, once the old eating habits return. Your goal is to re-set the body. You don’t do this by depriving it of calories, but, by proper nourishment. This means, resetting your hormones, and molding your metabolism. There are 8 simple ways to accomplish this.

1. Cut down on starches and cut out refined sugars from your diet.

Don’t eat white potatoes, unless cooked and cooled. This turns into a starch that works against the body. Cut out bread, cakes, sweets, donuts, and candies, with a few exceptions. Limit fruit to 3 servings a day. Stay away from other sugars and starches. This will change your insulin metabolism.

2. Eat 6-12 servings of vegetables a day.

Green vegetables are the best. Try to eat them at every meal. They provide your body with nutrition and reprogram your system. Green vegetables are very important to permanent weight loss, and should never be overlooked.

3. Eat significant amounts of fish.

Focus on fish, but not shell fish. Each day, try to have one serving of salmon, tuna, sardines, grouper, tilapia, trout, snapper, or any other kind of fish. Salmon and tuna are the best. This will make hormones more effective, improve muscle mass and reduce fat. This will also be much better for the heart.

4. Consume 30 to 50 grams of protein at all three meals, and in snacks.

Get as much as 150 grams of protein a day. This is important to help maintain muscle mass. It also makes you feel full after eating. Your weight loss will fail without this, so do it like clockwork.

5. Consume 30-40 grams of resistant starch daily. 

You can get this starch from cooked and cooled foods, including rice, white potatoes, and green bananas. For best results, make sure they’ve been refrigerated for more than one day.

6. Don’t be afraid of fat, but don’t overdo it.

Don’t worry about the fat content in your food, but don’t add more than 2 tablespoons to your food, such as, olive oil and butter. Your body knows how much fat to eat. And you will need fat as a source of nutrition since carbs are limited.

7. Possibly, allow yourself a day for cheating.

If you can religiously follow the outline above, reward yourself. Eat as much food as you want. Before you do, do one of the following

  • Drink coffee or tea, and consume a lot of caffeine.
  • Perform resistance exercises, like squats, push-ups, and sit-ups, for 90 seconds.
  • Consume some resistant starch to help your blood sugar.

Cheat days can be good or bad. Giving up the foods you like forever is never fun. Not giving yourself a cheat day may cause cheating along the way. On the other hand, some people overdo it on their cheat days. Play it by ear and see what’s best for you.

8. Most important, read and become knowledgeable of what’s happening.

If you are 300 lbs overweight, you’re a very serious risk. Your lifespan is in danger of being reduced, as well as your quality of life and chances of disease. Read a few books and learn how to be healthy again, but in a happy, non-hungry way.

Follow this, step by step, in proper order.

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