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My husband will eventually leave me if I don’t lose weight

husband-demands-you-lose-weightHusband demands you lose weight? How should you respond to such an ultimatum?

Don’t worry if this happens to you. The key words are “Eventually he will leave me “.

This means he is giving you every chance to change for the better, and for your own good. He is not asking you to change who you are as a person, but merely your weight.

Sometimes, tough love is the best kind of love.

The interesting thing about weight is, it’s not a part of who you are, but what you have gained. It’s very understanding that you might feel hurt and think that he is judging you for your weight and not accepting you for who you are.

On the contrary, he has accepted you in the first place – he loves you. This is still present in your relationship, otherwise, he would have worded the ultimatum much differently. I’ve been through this, and I know how it feels to be constantly reminded that you need to lose weight.

It hurts and pains especially if you are working on it already.

But he is right, and he is asking you to trim down a bit, only because he knows you can do it. And he has asked you to do so, only because he trusts you enough to say such a thing. With this being said, you can work on your weight and assure him that you will keep yourself healthy.

Don’t worry. He’s not going to leave you. He loves you too much. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have cared enough to tell you. He would have just packed up and left, without saying anything.

Finding love is a precious gift, therefore, don’t just throw him away like an old shoe. After all, that’s not what he’s going to do to you.

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