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Is running good, or bad for weight loss?


Running is not only good for weight loss, but also great for the cardiovascular system. But much depends on the mentality of the runner.

Why some are against running for weight loss

Many people believe running is not a good way to lose weight, simply because they can’t follow through. They start running, lose a few pounds, then they quit in a month.

The reason they don’t stay with it is purely mental. The first day, running can be very strenuous. Then, it supposedly gets easier, but it’s still a very hard workout, to some people.

Many inexperienced runners will eat a piece of cake, or other fattening food after running, thinking they’ve earned it. Other times, they’ll eat something fattening at lunch, with the idea that they’ll run it off later in the day. This is the mentality beginner runners have. They don’t take their workout seriously, don’t follow through, and as a result, can’t lose weight by running.

Beginners also run with the idea that they’ll run until they can’t run another step.Then, they stop, walk, then start running again. Mentally, they won’t be running much longer. For this and the other reasons, beginners believe running is not good for weight loss. Right? WRONG!

Why running is good for weight loss

Running is good, but before you begin a running program, first, see your Doctor, and second, consider these points.

Running will help you lose weight, mentally. Let’s assume you can run for 30 minutes, after which, you are too tired to take another step, and are struggling for breath. When you first begin running, don’t run for 30 minutes. Break this down. Run for 12 minutes three times, with a 6 minute walk between each run. After the first run, feel the sweat on your forehead. That’s a positive sign, because you’re now achieving something, which you begin to feel positive about.

After your second run feel your forehead again. You’ll notice that you’re sweating more, and will start liking the way you feel. Repeat the process after the third run. As funny as this may seem, you will begin to enjoy the feeling you get from sweating, and will begin to love running. As you do this more and more, you’ll also love the way you feel.

This will help you mentally as you start your running program. You’ll look forward to your workout each day. As a result, you’ll lose weight.

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