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Like yourself – The starting point for losing weight

How do you learn to Like Yourself?

happiness-weight-lossThis begins with YOU -YOURSELF. In order for you to be happy, you must begin by taking a good look at yourself. After you do this, you MUST START LIKING what you see. Do this, and you’re half way there.

Start to feel good about yourself. Like yourself. Your decision to do this MUST BE a definite Yes. I don’t take the other word, No, for an answer. And, there are no Guess So’s in my weight loss agenda. You are going to Like Yourself, and then, you are going to lose weight.

Concentrate on being happy and liking yourself, and I promise you will lose weight.

Don’t take this lightly. This is powerful. Again, I guarantee you, when you start to like yourself, you WILL DO IT.

My Friend, I’ve been there. Read my story. Once I learned to like myself, I knew, beyond any doubt, that I was going to lose weight. And I did – 75 pounds in 4 months to be exact.

If I can do it, so can you.

Now that you Like Yourself, Do you want to lose weight?

If you haven’t done so, read the previous article on the Most Crucial Question – Do I Want It?

Now that you Like Yourself, your answer to this question is a no brainer. You’d better believe you want to lose weight.

You Like Yourself, and You Really Want to Lose Weight. You are ready to go. If you don’t lose weight, something is wrong. But I haven’t failed anyone in 28 years. And you’re not going to be the first. There’s not going to be a first.


Now that you Like Yourself, and know that You Really Want to Lose Weight, you are there, My Friend.

I’m going to give you some very valuable goodies every day over the next 8 weeks. But this is where I must start. I want to get you ready for the most pleasant experience you’ll ever have in your life. I’ll talk some more about this later. You’ll love it, because it’s awesome.

Get ready. There are more amazing things to come. I have a mission. I want to help you lose weight. I’m not going to stop until you do just that.

Finally, what I’m going to leave you with is exactly how this worked for me.

Like yourself, and know that you want it, and I GUARANTEE YOU, you’ll lose weight.

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