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Lose Weight – How? – Stop Eating? – I Don’t Think So

Here We Go Again – I Can Imaging What You’re Saying.


lose-weight-eatIs this guy crazy, or what? The reason I have a weight problem in the first place is because I can’t stop eating.”

“I love food. I love to eat. I can’t stop doing what I love to do. I’ve tried before, but failed. I can’t lose weight this way.”

But this guy is trying to make me believe that I don’t have to stop eating, and I’ll still lose weight.”

“Is he off his rocker? Is he telling me that I can still eat? I ask you again, is this guy crazy?”


First of all, this guy is not crazy, and I’m going to prove it to you.

One thing you said makes me angry. You said you failed. Remember what I said about failure? If you don’t remember, go back and refresh your memory, block this dark side out of your mind, and let’s move on. I’m on a mission. I’ve got work to do, and you are the reason.

I guess I could answer YES to the questions. Some people who know me may answer YES – I am crazy. But history will show that anyone who has developed new techniques and methods were thought of by others as crazy or off their rockers. For now, I’ll just leave the first two questions open for discussion.

The answer to the third question is a definite YES. If you are serious about losing weight, you can still eat.

Don’t let that old myth get to you – “If you are serious about losing weight, you have to stop eating“. On the contrary, if you want to lose weight, you have to eat. Of course, you have to eat anyway to stay alive. So don’t stop eating. I need you alive. You’re going to help me accomplish my mission, and you can’t do it if you’re not here. So don’t stop eating. Just change the way you think about eating.

Why Eating has as Effect on Losing Weight

Eating is nothing but mind over matter. “To lose weight, you have to starve yourself.” NOT TRUE.

This is what most people think. Oh sure, losing weight is no problem if you stop eating. But there is a side effect, and it is a major one. This side effect is anorexia nervosa. I lost my father ten years ago from this eating disorder.

You will lose weight the healthy way. And the healthy way is, by eating. Eating is part of our sub-conscious mind. The mind tells us to eat less, and we will lose weight. This is not true. Eating less will make losing weight harder than ever.

If you’ve ever noticed the eating habits of an overweight person, as compared to those of a thin person, both take in the exact same number of calories. The difference is, the two people take in the calories in different ways. The person who is overweight got that way because of the fat content that was consumed. On the other hand, the thin person is nice and trim because there was less fat consumed, and more carbohydrates consumed.

Losing Weight Means Going Easy on Fat Content

Lipozene Maximum Strength Weight Loss FormulaI’ve shown you the 5 Worst Foods You Can Eat. I’d never recommend that you stop eating foods like donuts, hot dogs, fried chicken and cheese altogether. It’s OK to eat them occasionally. But overweight people eat these kinds of foods every day, and almost at every meal.

The typical person who is overweight will go to the nearest hamburger joint for lunch every day. There is nothing wrong with eating this stuff, but it must be done in moderation. Don’t make hamburgers and French fries a part of your every day diet. If a person eats this every day, losing weight will be impossible.

There is one food, however, that is loaded with fat. This is one that I recommend that you stop eating, altogether. It is, butter. If you are in the habit of buying butter at the supermarket, change this. Start buying margarine instead. As you will see in future articles, there are little things that make a difference in losing weight, and this is one of them. I have hundreds of them. One of these little things by itself will not do it. But if you take hundreds of these little things, and work them into your daily eating habits, losing weight will be yours, and you will be able to claim your prize.

So remember, you don’t have to stay away from foods with fat content entirely. Just don’t make them your only choice for your meals, and don’t eat them every day, and finally, eat them in moderation.

Losing Weight Means Eating More Foods with Carbohydrates

Now we are getting to the foods that will make you a little healthier.

There are good carbohydrates, but there are also bad carbohydrates. I’ll get to the bad ones first, because they are a little more fattening. But at this point, anything is an improvement, considering that they are much better than the foods with fat content.

Some of the bad carbohydrates are, potatoes, pasta, white bread,  cookies, cakes, jellies and candies.

Some of the good carbohydrates are, apples, avocados, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, brown rice, celery, sweet potatoes, watermelon, cauliflower and whole wheat bread. These foods are not only healthy. They are kind of tasty.

There, I think you see the difference. If you are overweight, and have been accustomed to automatically eat the foods containing the bad carbohydrates, or fat, it may be a little different for you if you try to eat the good carbohydrates. But once you start to develop different habits, and better habits, this will fall into place for you.

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill


You can continue eating while you are losing weight. But now, you know that you are going to start eating in a different way. The body needs all of the foods mentioned above. You need a certain amount of fat. You also need a certain amount of carbohydrates. You must maintain an everyday, balanced diet. This means, eating all of the foods that your body needs, eating them at the right times and eating them in the right way. People who are overweight got that way because for breakfast, they had a hamburger and French fries, for lunch, they had a hot dog and potato chips and for supper, three grilled cheese sandwiches. And, of course, they had to have a late night snack consisting of about six donuts. Is losing weight possible? Not if you eat like this everyday. Losing weight may be the least of your problems, because this will eventually kill you.

You can’t stop eating. But you can change some of the foods you eat, and the time of day you eat these foods. Think seriously about a well balanced diet. Do it, and the body will react in the same way. Think about this, When you are hungry, you just want something to eat, and put in your stomach. it’s what you put in your stomach that will make you overweight. A half hour later, you are not going to know the difference anyway.

My challenge to you

Stay away from those late night snacks. This is the worst thing possible for anyone who is serious about losing weight. If you absolutely have to have them, and you are hungry, instead of potato chips or donuts, try having an apple. An apple is very healthy. It is one of those good carbohydrates. It is also very filling. A better suggestion, if you can do this, is to have a piece of celery. This is one of the most healthy foods there is. Not only will celery keep you from gaining weight, but it will also help you to lose weight. How is this possible? I’ll tell you later.

For not, try to concentrate on the good carbohydrates, and get into the habit of having an overall, balanced diet every day. And for goodness sake, stay away from those 5 bad foods, if possible.

There are a lot of goodies to come. I am going to help you in your journey of losing weight, every step of the way.


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