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Is losing weight too quickly necessarily safe?

losing-weight-too-quicklyLosing weight  too quickly can be unsafe, and a little dangerous if not done in moderation. This is not always the case. However, before trying any weight loss program of this magnitude, first see your health care professional, and second, always assume the worst case scenario. It’s better to be safe, because there are health risks when losing weight too quickly.

Health issues when losing weight too quickly

Your body needs the right amount of vitamins to function properly. Making a very fast change can be harmful. If you don’t treat your body correctly, many things can go wrong. You don’t want to become anemic or diabetic. Check with a doctor and a nutrition specialist if your’re unsure of the risks of losing weight too quickly.

Sometimes, losing weight too quickly causes people to look much worse than previously.


Losing weight too quickly can also cause a tremendous strain on the heart. Fast weight loss can cause heart attacks. Again, if you decide to take this step, it’s very important that you are monitored by a doctor. A professional can catch potential problems before they occur.

This works both ways. When someone is anorexic, gaining weight too fast can cause heart attacks. That’s only the effect on one organ, not all of the others. Every organ in your body, including your brain is affected by weight loss and weight gain.

Losing weight too quickly after pregnancy

The Fat DiminisherThe problem with losing an enormous amount of weight after pregnancy is that the weight lost isn’t all fat and/or muscle. Weight gained during pregnancy, such as, the baby, placenta, amniotic fluid, extra water weight, extra blood volume, etc., is different from normal weight gain from over eating. These are not the same as, actual weight being lost, in the same way as losing fat and/or muscle. When a woman is nursing, her body is using up energy to create the milk, which results in more weight loss. That is a natural thing, not a crash diet.

What happens when you lose weight too quickly?

Here’s what happens to the body when you lose weight too quickly:

  • You reduce the amount of vitamins and nutrients your body is taking in.
  • Assume you’re working out more and eating less. You’re using more energy, and taking more nutrients out of your body.
  • You lose a tremendous amount of water. You’re also not replacing this water, unless you significantly increase your water intake.
  • You’re putting more stress on your muscles and internal organs than normal.
  • Your body doesn’t know how to react to these changes. The worst case scenario is, the body could completely shut down.

Concluding thoughts

The Fat DiminisherIf you lose weight too quickly, it could be dangerous, but this is not always the case. However, always think of the worst that can happen, and be safe. In certain circumstances, it can be harmful to your vital organs.

If you’re concerned that you’re losing weight too quickly, these three steps to take must be a requirement:

  • See your doctor before you decide what to do.
  • Don’t try any quick weight loss program without the advice and guidance of a professional.
  • Do it in moderation.

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