There are other ways to measure weight loss besides a scale

measure-weight-lossUse another measurement besides weight and pounds

When I created the Perfect Weight Loss Plan, one of the most important things I stressed is, ‘Don’t become paranoid.”Paranoia can mean, stepping on a scale, every hour, on the hour. Sometimes, and more often than not, weight and pounds are not used to measure weight loss.

Use fat to measure weight loss

Did you know that weight lifting and strength training burns fat very fast?

A weight lifter wants to turn fat into muscle. Have you ever noticed how the bodies of weight lifters change? Their wastes get smaller, and their chests get larger. What was once fat is now muscle. Weight lifters don’t necessarily lose weight. Instead, they shift the weight. They feel good. They look good. There’s no fat. They’re much healthier.

Use size to measure weight loss

During the 3 months that I lost 75 pounds, I never stepped on a scale. In fact, my goal was not necessarily to lose weight. It was to go from size 38 waist to size 32.

When smaller size pants started fitting me, with ease, I didn’t feel the need to step on a scale. I knew I was losing weight, and a lot of it, and it felt very good. However, just for the purpose of measuring my results, I finally weighed myself 5 months after I began my weight loss journey, and was happy to find out that I went from 240 to 150 pounds.

Taking the measurements and seeing how many inches you have lost is a perfect way of measuring your success. Also, keep in mind that measuring inches is very different from looking at the scale. Sometimes the scale won’t go down but the measurements on your body will.

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