flexible dining options for mercer students

Mercer Meal Plans

Want to optimize your dining experience at Mercer University? Explore the array of meal plan options and dining locations available to find the perfect fit for you.

You might not know this, but Mercer University has different meal plans to fit various dining preferences and schedules. Whether you're a busy student with a full class schedule or a faculty member looking for convenient dining options on campus, Mercer's meal plans have something for everyone.

From customizing your plan to the variety of dining locations available, there are several things to consider when choosing the right meal plan for your needs.

Let's take a look at the benefits, options, and practicalities of Mercer's meal plans to help you navigate the dining options at the university.

Benefits of Mercer Meal Plans

When you're thinking about Mercer meal plans, you get the benefit of having ready-made meals available, which saves you time and effort in cooking. This means you can focus on other parts of your life without sacrificing the quality of your meals.

And it's not just about convenience – these plans also make sure you're eating balanced and healthy meals, which is good for your overall well-being. Plus, with a variety of meal options, you can discover new and nutritious foods that you mightn't have tried otherwise, adding to the nutritional benefits.

On top of that, choosing a Mercer meal plan can save you a lot of money. By getting your meals through the plan, you can avoid the costs of buying individual ingredients and cooking supplies.

And let's not forget the social aspect – dining with friends and classmates is a great way to build relationships, share experiences, and enjoy meals together, making your college experience even better.

Customization Options Available

Mercer meal plans are all about giving you the power to choose what you eat based on your dietary needs and preferences. Whether you're a vegetarian, vegan, or have specific food sensitivities, Mercer meal plans offer a wide range of options to cater to your individual requirements.

You can pick from a variety of dishes and ingredients to create meals that align with your dietary guidelines, ensuring that you can enjoy delicious and satisfying food while sticking to your personal dietary needs.

At Mercer, you have the freedom to select from a diverse array of fresh, healthy, and flavorful ingredients to craft meals that suit your tastes and nutritional needs. The meal plan includes made-to-order salads, customizable grain bowls, and allergen-friendly options to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions.

Additionally, you can talk directly to the dining staff about your specific dietary concerns and get personalized help in creating meals that fit your individual requirements. With Mercer meal plans, you can conveniently dine on-campus while making sure that your food preferences and dietary restrictions are respected and taken care of.

Dining Locations and Facilities

campus dining and amenities

After exploring how Mercer meal plans cater to individual dietary needs and preferences, let's take a look at the dining locations and facilities available to make your dining experience convenient and enjoyable.

Mercer offers a diverse range of dining spots with extensive menu variety to suit your taste buds. You can choose from cozy cafes to spacious dining halls, finding the perfect spot to enjoy your meals. Dining hours are designed to accommodate different schedules, ensuring you can grab a satisfying meal whenever you need it.

Meal plan discounts are available at various dining locations across the campus, making the most of your meal plan. Additionally, Mercer is dedicated to sustainability initiatives, sourcing ingredients locally and implementing eco-friendly practices in its dining facilities. You can dine with the peace of mind that the university is committed to reducing its environmental impact.

How to Sign Up for a Meal Plan

If you're looking to sign up for a meal plan, head over to the Mercer University dining services website and go to the 'Meal Plans' section. There, you can pick the plan that suits you best. Mercer University offers various meal plan options to match different eating habits and preferences. On the website, you'll find all the details about each plan, including the number of meals per week, dining dollars, and guest passes. Once you've checked out the options, select the plan that fits your dining style and budget.

Signing up is a breeze and can be done online. Just choose your preferred meal plan and follow the prompts to register. You'll need to provide some personal info and agree to the terms and conditions of the meal plan. After completing your registration, you'll get a confirmation email with all the info about your chosen meal plan, including the start and end dates.

Don't forget to keep an eye on the deadlines for signing up for a meal plan, as they might change based on the academic calendar. If you need help or have any questions, the dining services website has contact details for further support.

Payment and Pricing Options

flexible payment and pricing

Mercer University offers a variety of payment and pricing options for meal plans to fit your budget and dining preferences. You can choose from the following options:

  • Traditional Meal Plan: Great for students who want regular access to the dining hall and a set number of meals per week.
  • Bear Bucks: Provides flexibility with a declining balance that can be used at different on-campus dining locations.
  • Faculty and Staff Meal Plans: Tailored options for Mercer University employees with different dining needs.
  • Summer Meal Plans: Specifically designed for students staying on campus during the summer term.
  • Online Payment Methods: Explore convenient online payment options for purchasing or reloading your meal plan.

These options allow you to select a plan that fits your dining habits and financial requirements. Whether you prefer a traditional meal plan with a set number of meals per week or the flexibility of a declining balance, Mercer University has payment and pricing options to suit your needs.


When you're hungry and not sure what to eat, Mercer meal plans have got you covered with a wide range of delicious options.

You can customize your choices and access dining locations all around campus, giving you the freedom to enjoy a variety of culinary delights.

Don't miss out on the convenience and variety that Mercer meal plans have to offer!