Why you should never multi task while you’re eating

multi taskWhen you are conscious of what you are eating, you are better able to enjoy your food. Enjoyment of food has a lot more to do with weight loss than people realize.

Consider the alternative. When you are not conscious of what you’re eating, it’s impossible to enjoy your food. You’re eating food for one reason – because it’s there. This can hurt you in both the long run and short run. This type of eating will cause you to eat more and more, without thinking about it.

Never multi task while eating

When you have your meals, have them at the table. Don’t think about anything except the delicious food you’re eating. Sometimes, there’s the tendency to eat while watching TV, reading, browsing the internet, or working. When this happens, your mind is distracted. You’ll not be thinking about the food you’re eating. Naturally, you’ll eat more.

Quantity vs Quality

Always enjoy your food. Take your time. Savor every bite. Appreciate the delicious food you’re eating. Think of food as one of life’s pleasures. Never multi task. It leads to distractions and over eating. Learn to appreciate the quality of your food, and you will reduce the quantity. In other words, you’ll eat less and lose weight.


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