3 reasons you should pack a lunch instead of eating out

lunchMost people in the work force prefer going out to eat at a nearby eating establishment. If you are one of those people, have you ever thought of packing a lunch?

You may be wondering what this has to do with weight loss. It’s very significant.

3 reasons you’ll lose weight when you pack a lunch

1. You’ll eat less

When you go out for lunch to a restaurant, you’ll probably get generous portions of food. People usually can’t eat it all, and some take a doggy bag. Unfortunately, most people wanting to lose weight will eat it, once again, because it’s there. It’s just a habit. When you pack your lunch, you can limit the size of your food portions, which will result in your eating less.

2. You’ll eat healthier

Some people will spend their lunch hour at a fast food restaurant. This is not exactly eating healthy. When you pack your lunch, you control what you eat. Someone who’s health conscious will naturally pack healthy foods. Don’t forget, one of the most crucial elements of weight loss is healthy eating.

3. You’ll learn self-discipline

Weight loss is 90 percent self-discipline. Once you establish new habits, and better habits, losing weight will quickly become second nature to you.

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