Enjoy meals with proper etiquette. This is the foundation of weight loss [THIS ARTICLE IS VERY IMPORTANT]

etiquetteEating and dining is not a science. It is an art. If I haven’t said this before, I’ll say it now.

Proper etiquette is the foundation of weight loss

Once you realize this, and master it, you’ll never have a problem with weight loss again, for as long as you live.

Proper etiquette means, never taking your meals for granted

Naturally, food is a necessity of life. But don’t look at it this way. Think of your meals as one of life’s valuable treasures. During every meal, sit down at the table. Think of the pleasant experience you’re about to have. Take the time to enjoy, savor and relish that delicious food you have before you. When you finish your meal, think about what a pleasant experience you just had. Then, start thinking about the pleasant experience you’re going to have at your next meal.

You’re on a roll now. Keep it up. There’s only one way you can screw this up. If you start snacking and eating everything in site, you’ll destroy everything. Food will no longer be one of life’s pleasures. You’ve gone back into your shell. You’re eating food because it’s there. You can KISS WEIGHT LOSS GOODBYE! Don’t do this.

At every meal, sit down at the table. Dress appropriately. This is an important event. Make it count. Enjoy your food. After your meal, wait for the next meal, when you will sit at the table and relish another important event.

Pleasant experiences are worth waiting for. Don’t screw it up in between. Master this, and you will NEVER have a problem with weight loss again for the rest of your life – I guarantee it!

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