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F Y I: When you sleep like a baby, you’ll lose weight like crazy

This sounds almost too good to be true. Most things that do, are not true. I assure you, this is an exception.


Losing weight – All about healthy living

Chester has said that successful weight loss revolves around eating healthy. I want to compliment this statement by saying, “Weight loss revolves around living healthy.” To lose weight, you have to live healthy. One of the many factors in healthy living is knowing how to relax.

The body is a the most precision instrument on the planet. Being overweight means that something is out of order, not working properly and in need of a slight overhaul.

One of the leading causes of weight gain is stress. When someone experiences stress, they feel tension, anxiety, uneasiness. How do they deal with this? They eat excessively. They don’t even know why they eat. They just eat because it’s a habit.

You may have heard someone tell a lazy person, “If you do nothing but lay around all day, you’re going to get as fat as a pig!” Is this possible? You bet it is. Most people who lay around all day are not necessarily doing it because they’re lazy. They’re Procrastinaters. When someone procrastinates, they’re stressed out. They know they have things to do. They don’t get them done for two reasons:

  • First, they’re not willing to go through the pain of exerting themselves at the present time.
  • Second, they don’t know where to start.

They’re in a bad frame of mind. To escape, they just lay around, and watch whatever is on TV, stressed out as usual. How do they relieve this stress? They go to the refrigerator, and grab the first thing they see. If they’re a coffee drinker, they must have a cup beside them the entire time.

This can go on until 3 o’clock the next morning. Then, when they finally try to sleep, they can’t. They toss and turn. They’re lucky if they get 4 hours of peaceful shut-eye. Then, they wake up, and go through the cycle all over again.

Restful sleep every night will change this pattern

Habits work in unity with each other. Being stressed out is a habit. Eating, from being stressed out is a habit. Finally, lack of restful sleep, from being stressed out is a habit. The challenge is to find something that is going to relieve this stress, and allow these habits to work together in harmony with each other.

If you have a restful sleep, for at least 8 hours, night after night, the body will be totally relaxed the next morning. This is a good start to healthy living. I’m going to repeat, “Weight loss revolves around living healthy.” This is important, and should be repeated until you get it locked into your mind.

Once you start sleeping peacefully, every night, you’ll find that the stressful way of life you know will disappear very quickly.

Sleep soundly, every night. Wake up refreshed. Have your breakfast. Get out and do the things you need to do. You won’t even think about eating. You’re not stressed out anymore. You don’t have to eat, until it’s the right time of the day for eating.

If losing weight revolves around healthy living, sleeping is the cornerstone of healthy living. You can’t do anything if you’re tired and stressed out all of the time. So, make some changes. Your goal is to get a peaceful night sleep each and every night. If you do so, you’ll no longer have a problem losing weight.


In closing, I want to ask you a question. Have you ever seen a dog that’s overweight? If so, not many. Dogs refuse to be bothered with anything. They don’t allow themselves to be stressed out. I have two beautiful Boston Terriers. They have a peaceful and restful sleep every night. And finally, they’re NOT overweight.

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