How sleeping habits can have a tremendous effect on weight loss

sleeping-habitsSleep is very important to your overall health, and particularly, to weight loss. Going to bed earlier, and waking up earlier will realize weight loss results in only a week.

How your sleeping habits will help you lose weight

Poor sleeping habits actually contribute to weight gain. It is a fact that people who are deprived of sleep will gain 3 pounds in a day.

When you are deprived of sleep, you don’t have the energy you would normally have when you have a healthy night’s sleep. This produces negative results in two ways.

First, people who are not well rested tend to be emotionally unstable, or, just plain grouchy. Not being capable of making intelligent decisions, the grouchy person will make poor food choices. Also, people who are in this state of mind may have the tendency to over eat, as a habit of relieving their anxiety. What happens is, a person deprived of sleep steps back into the old habits that caused them to gain weight in the first place.

Second, the lack of energy from lack of sleep causes people to be less active and less mobile. When this happens, the person doesn’t have the energy to do the common things like walking, much less, exercise.

Now you see how going to bed late and sleeping late can hurt your ability to lose weight. Change your sleeping habits, and you will see at least 10 pounds disappear in a week.

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