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How it feels losing over 100 pounds – Thank You Weight Loss


thank-you-weight-lossDuring a two year period, I lost 150 pounds. When I started, I weighed approximately 270 pounds. Now, I weigh about 120 pounds. I don’t usually brag about myself, but this time, why not? I’m a dish.

I’ve known Chester for over 30 years. When I found him on Google, I just had to contact him He knows my story about losing weight, but he didn’t know what I’ve been doing since then, until now. Then I asked him if he would write about it. His answer was, “No, I’m not going to write about it. You’re going to write about it.

How I lost 150 pounds in two years

There’s really nothing to tell. Until about 15 years ago, Chester and I stayed in contact with each other. He just told me what to do, and what not to do, and I followed his advice religiously.

Basically, I ate three meals a day, and didn’t eat between meals. I tried to have dinner about 6 PM every evening, and pretty much stuck with this plan. The main thing that made me lose so much weight was, when I was done eating dinner, I was done eating for the day.

This was pure hell at the beginning. Once I got accustomed to these new patterns, it was a piece of cake – no pun intended. The rest is history.

Chester talks a lot about motivation. I want to show you how I was able to stay motivated.

My “Thank You Weight Loss” checklist

After I lost all this weight, I was the happiest person on the face of the earth. I was so happy, that I never wanted this feeling to end. So this is what I did.

I wrote down all of the rewards I have gained from losing 150 pounds, in my own handwriting. I named it Anna’s “Thank You Weight Loss” List. Then, I taped it to my bathroom mirror, so I could see it every day. Doing this immediately lifts my mood every morning.

This is exactly what is taped to my bathroom mirror:

Anna’s “Thank You Weight Loss” List

(How weight loss has made me happier)

I am always a happy girl

I am the happiest girl on the face of the earth

I have more energy

I sleep peaceful every night

I have more confidence in myself

My clothes fit better

My skin looks great

My stomach is flatter

I am always in a good mood

I never get upset or angry

People who once ignored me treat me differently

Attractive men talk to me all the time

Good looking men ask me out for dates

I look good, I feel great, I”M A DISH!

I want to thank Chester for allowing me to write this. But more importantly:

Thank You Weight Loss

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