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Look in the mirror and like what you see


How it feels when you KNOW you’re LOSING WEIGHT

Are you happy with your personal appearance?

This is one of the questions you ask yourself to develop that Positive Mental Attitude.

At this time, I must get you prepped up and ready for the journey you’re about to take. You have no earthly idea what you’re about to get yourself into. But I can assure you, you’ll love it. It’s a great feeling. I’m going to go a step further and say, “It’s a better feeling than SEX!

I mean what I say. I’m not joking. I never joke about weight loss.

I’m now going to tell you exactly how this was for me, when I lost 75 pounds in 4 months.

Three ways to notice you’re losing weight

You notice your clothes fit better

When I started my journey to lose weight, I wasn’t as concerned with pounds as much as waist size. I’ve always been size 32 and was determined to stay there. When I got up to 38, I said to myself, “This is bad. This has to go away.

Go away, it did, and very fast.

Believe it or not, after a month, I was back in size 32. The pants were still a little tight, but at least I could get them on – WOW!

At the end of the second month, I could get them on with ease. By the first of May, they were hanging off me. This made me very excited, and it’s going to make you excited.

When this happens, reward yourself. Have a beer. Have two. Once you get this far, a few beers won’t hurt you. You deserve it.

People around you talk to you

the-20-20-dietI can’t remember the number of people who came up to me and said, “You look different. What have you done?” I asked them, “You mean, you don’t know? How do I look different?” Then they said, “I’ve got it. You’ve lost weight.

The first thing people will notice about your new personal appearance is your face. When you lose weight, you won’t have that round, butter-ball face like I once had.

There’s one more incredible thing that happened. During Spring, I went home and stayed with my parents. When my Dad saw me for the first time, all he could say was, “Damn Boy! What have you done?” He was shocked. Then, something happened that took me by surprise. I took off my jeans and put on a pair of shorts. When my Dad saw me again, he said, “Look at your legs. I can’t believe how different they look. Holy ____.” I asked him, “Do I look better?” His response was, “You damn right.

Look in the mirror and prepare to be shocked

This is the most thrilling part of all. You actually see the NEW YOU. When you experience this (and you will) you won’t recognize yourself. You’ll begin to see yourself the same way others are now seeing you. You’ll also know why people are asking you questions every day.

You’ll notice the difference, I guarantee you.

What happens next – CONFIDENCE

Once I experienced what I just told you, weight loss was the easiest thing I had ever done in my life.

Your entire way of thinking will change. Just say to yourself, “I’ve lost weight, and I’m going to continue to keep it down“, and it will happen automatically. This sounds unlikely and far-fetched, but I promise you, it’s the absolute truth.

Once you know, beyond any reasonable doubt, that you can do it, nothing will stop you. Not even YOU will stop YOU.


There are tons of weight loss techniques that Bob, Tim, John, others, and myself are going to share with you. But for now, I want to make absolutely sure you are ready, and have the right Positive Mental Attitude. If so, then all that’s left for you to do is to just go through the motions. Weight loss is definitely going to be in your corner. With this, there is no way you’re going to keep from losing weight.

Therefore, in between the tons of weight loss techniques we’ll be giving you, there will always be a LOT of motivation thrown in. Pretty soon, you won’t need it, but it’s always good to have.

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