Did you know that you can lose weight when you watch TV?

watch-tvDuring the Super Bowl, I can’t possibly estimate the total number of pounds that were gained by people who watched the big event.

There are a lot more things on TV besides the Super Bowl. Who said you have to eat while you watch TV?

Watch TV and use the commercials to your advantage

Most of the time, when you watch TV, you can’t wait for the commercial. This is the perfect time to go to the refrigerator and grab a snack.

Let me suggest another way to get yourself excited in anticipation of a commercial. Instead of going to the refrigerator, use the commercial time to get in a few minutes on the treadmill. Or, you can use this time walking up and down the stairs. Perhaps you can do a few sit ups, push ups or jumping jacks. You get the point?

Do something during the commercials besides eating. Get the adrenaline working. Get the heart beating. After the commercial, site back down and watch TV. You’ll feel so much more relaxed. This sounds ridiculous, but it works. I’ve tried it many times. We don’t recommend strategies and tips unless they’ve been tried and proven.

Every little thing makes a difference. Within a year, you’ll lose 30 pounds.

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