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Why reducing calories alone will not work with weight loss


You may have heard the same stories over and over again. People lose weight for about a month, eating nothing but cookies, and nothing else. Unfortunately, this reduction of calories doesn’t work, in the long run.

People lose weight at the beginning of this change in their eating habits. But this change can’t last forever, because the overall health could be at risk. The body quickly adjusts to this reduction in calories and immediately returns to its former weight when the old eating habits are re-introduced to the body.

Why the body returns to it’s former weight

When you try this cold turkey method, and you’re unsuccessful, you have created a set point in your fat storage system. This is the point where the body was, when these new eating habits were temporarily introduced.

This set point is demonstrated by the fact that there are people who take in 4,500 calories a day from these temporary eating habits, without gaining any fat. By even with the quality and quantity of the food you have eaten, assuming no health problems, you have programmed yourself to be a certain number of pounds overweight, such as, 100 pounds. Temporary loss of weight and reduction in size is highly possible, but only temporary. The body will try to return to that set point.

People losing and re-gaining 100 pounds multiple times is very common. The reality is that the body will ultimately defeat anything that makes it feel as if it is starving. So don’t rely on reducing, or counting calories. Instead, change your set point and make the adjustment.

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