Why you’re a winner, and not a loser

winnerDo you know the difference between a winner and a loser? You can tell by the words they use. The winner says, “I will”. He tells you what he plans to do to succeed, and when he will do it. The loser says, “I might, someday”. He talks about his goals, if he has any, by saying, “I’ll do it someday”  or, “I’ll do it when I get around to it”  or, “Yeah, that sounds great”. Someday will never come. He has hundreds of excuses for not following through.

Which one of these two describes you?

You’re a winner. You don’t fear failure

The loser is afraid of failure. As a result, he doesn’t even try. He knows he’s going to fail, and he is defeated before he gets started. Right away, he gives up. He’s a quitter.

This is not you. You’re a winner. You’re not a quitter. You’re not afraid of failure. To you, failure is just a small bump in the road. Failure means nothing.

The winner has failed many times, but keeps on moving forward. If he fails 8 times, he says, “So What!“. The 9th time, he’s not going to fail. LOOK OUT ! The 9th time more than makes up for the previous 8 times. All it takes is one hit, and he is set for life. The NBA’s Dallas Mavericks’ owner, Mark Cuban, is one on the most successful people today. You’ve also seen him on Shark Tank. He’s failed many times in his life, but look where he is now. To hear what Mark Cuban has to say about failure, click here.

You’re a winner. You take responsibility for your own actions

The loser blames other people for his mistakes. He is defeated and ready to quit. He is devastated. Rather than trying to fix the problem, he whines, complains and belly aches. This goes on for a day, week, month, and even a year.

This is not you. You’re a winner. But you should be devastated when things go wrong – FOR ABOUT 20 SECONDS. You take responsibility for your own actions. When a decision does not work out your way, you know that you are the one to blame, and no one else. But you do something about it. You make adjustments, correct the situation and move on to better things.

You’re a winner. You’re optimistic

Remember, you’re a winner. You’re careful who you listen to. If you have a great idea, you’ll never discuss it with a loser. He’ll give you 100 reasons why it won’t work. “Misery Loves Company”.

The loser is pessimistic. You are optimistic. You associate with optimists, and run away from pessimists. How many people told Mark Cuban he would never succeed? Probably many. Did he listen to them? Evidently not.

As you go on through life, and try to accomplish different things, remember why you are a winner. Because of this, you can accomplish anything. YOU CAN. WHY? BECAUSE YOU ARE A WINNER.


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