Drinking Wine can actually help you lose weight

wineThere is a myth that a glass of wine before bedtime will help you sleep. This is not true. On the other hand, a glass with your dinner will contribute a great deal towards weight loss. First, drink it with your meal, and not close to bedtime. Second, if possible, drink red wine at room temperature. It’s much better for you.

How wine is good for ‘Health’ and ‘Weight Loss’

I’ll start with good health. This is more important. There are two reasons it’s healthy. First, it’s all natural. It comes from pure grapes. Second, wine is good for your blood. It thins your blood, and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Almost all wines contain resveratrol, a natural substance found on the skin of grapes. This breaks down fat, and reduces fat in the body.

A good vintage will also cut down on your sugar cravings. You’ll not be inclined to have those late night snacks that will destroy any effort to lose weight.

Try this. I wouldn’t be surprised if you lost at least 6 pounds in one week.

Another interesting fact is, heavy drinkers have a slight weight gain, while non-drinkers have a heavy weight gain. This is assuming the people in question are not weight conscious.

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