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To Lose Weight Fast, you must have the Right Attitude

lose-weight-fastMost people think losing weight is unpleasant. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. This depends on you. Approach weight loss with a bad attitude, and it will be unpleasant. Change your attitude, and it will be the most pleasant experience you have ever had in your life. This is the secret of how some people can stay right on track and Lose Weight Fast.

How to develop the Right Mental Attitude and Lose Weight Fast


First, you must get the right mental attitude, and prepare yourself for something that is certainly going to cause you to gain much pleasure, and eliminate pain. To do this, you need to ask yourself four questions. Continue reading To Lose Weight Fast, you must have the Right Attitude

Lose weight without dieting – 6 basic tips

lose-weight-without-dietingDiets work, but only for a very short time.

When a diet reaches its burn out stage, it is no longer any use to you. This may be one or two weeks, at which time, you will start gaining more weight and will be heavier than you were when you started out.

Why diets don’t work the way you want

Many people who want to lose weight go on a liquid diet. Again, this will only work for the short term. Your body loses the liquids. Unfortunately, the liquid diet does not break down the fat, and your energy level is constantly down. To build your energy level back up, you’re likely to reach for the candy bars and the banana splits. This is not good. You  have to find a way to balance this out.

6 tips on how to lose weight without dieting

Continue reading Lose weight without dieting – 6 basic tips

Simple things that will improve your Body, Mind and Emotions


People who live to be in their 90’s, and those few who reach the age of 100 have the secret sauce. Have you ever wondered what that is? It’s very simple. They don’t worry about things that they have no control over. They are concerned with only 3 things. First, they take care of their bodies and overall health. Second, they don’t preoccupy their minds with things that are unimportant. Finally, they handle their emotions and don’t over-react to the things that are meaningless. Here’s how they do it. Continue reading Simple things that will improve your Body, Mind and Emotions

Does Coffee make a difference in Losing Weight?

coffee-weight-lossI’ll get right to the point. You better believe it makes a difference. Coffee makes a huge difference in losing weight.

I love good coffee. I’ve been drinking it since I was six years old. I don’t just drink it for breakfast. I can drink it any time of the day or night. When I Lost 75 Pounds in less that 3 Months, I couldn’t imagine going without coffee. I was able to drink all the coffee I wanted, with a few modifications. Continue reading Does Coffee make a difference in Losing Weight?

Preoccupy your mind, follow your heart, and you won’t think about food

losing weightWhat do you enjoy doing?

Gentlemen, do you enjoy golf? What about fishing?

Ladies, do you like needlepoint, knitting, crochet?

Ladies and gentlemen, how about the time you may spend on Social Media? Do you browse on Facebook for several hours at a time?

Now, you may be asking this question, “What does all this have to do with losing weight?

Preoccupying your mind and following your passion has everything to do with losing weight

I enjoy golf, and I enjoy fishing. I promise you, when I’m doing each of these activities, it’s the only thing that’s on my mind.

Ladies, when you’re doing needle point, you’re thinking about nothing except what you’re doing.

Whatever you’re doing that is a part of your passion, you’re going to be thinking about this, and nothing else.

Guess what you’re not going to be thinking about. That’s right – FOOD.

These are little things. But believe me, every one of these little things make a tremendous difference in losing weight.

How to set small weight loss goals that you’d love to achieve

weight loss goalsSmall weight loss goals just as important as your overall goals

Like everything worth doing, it’s very important to set goals in your effort to lose weight.

Of course, your overall goal is to lose as much weight as you need to lose, feel good and look good. It’s very important that you set some small weight loss goals on the way, to keep you going in the right direction.

How to set small weight loss goals

Take out your notebook and pen. If more comfortable, go to your notepad on your computer. Now, start writing down these small weight loss goals. Be sure they cover everything, from your eating habits to your lifestyle.

To get you started in the right direction, here are some small goals you may consider:

  • Give up alcohol, and only have it on weekends.
  • Eat more vegetables on a daily basis.
  • Eat more fruits on a daily basis.
  • Don’t ride elevators. Walk up the stairs instead and set a goal within this goal to stop gasping.
  • When you go to the shopping center, park your car farther away so you can walk a greater distance.
  • Instead of fries or mashed potatoes, have a side salad with your meals.
  • If you get hungry during the night while in bed, drink a tall glass of water. Drink another if you’re still hungry. You won’t be hungry any more after doing this.
  • Step on the scale in the evening, don’t eat again, then step on the scale again in the morning. Believe me, this produces some phenomenal results.

Always be thinking about more goals you can add. Start gradually, and build it up. The brain needs time to adjust to new habits. When I say time, I mean, just a few days.

What I have provided for you here will make a tremendous difference in the quality of your life. You can do it. DO IT, because you’re a winner.

There are other ways to measure weight loss besides a scale

measure-weight-lossUse another measurement besides weight and pounds

When I created the Perfect Weight Loss Plan, one of the most important things I stressed is, ‘Don’t become paranoid.”Paranoia can mean, stepping on a scale, every hour, on the hour. Sometimes, and more often than not, weight and pounds are not used to measure weight loss.

Use fat to measure weight loss

Did you know that weight lifting and strength training burns fat very fast?

A weight lifter wants to turn fat into muscle. Have you ever noticed how the bodies of weight lifters change? Their wastes get smaller, and their chests get larger. What was once fat is now muscle. Weight lifters don’t necessarily lose weight. Instead, they shift the weight. They feel good. They look good. There’s no fat. They’re much healthier.

Use size to measure weight loss

During the 3 months that I lost 75 pounds, I never stepped on a scale. In fact, my goal was not necessarily to lose weight. It was to go from size 38 waist to size 32.

When smaller size pants started fitting me, with ease, I didn’t feel the need to step on a scale. I knew I was losing weight, and a lot of it, and it felt very good. However, just for the purpose of measuring my results, I finally weighed myself 5 months after I began my weight loss journey, and was happy to find out that I went from 240 to 150 pounds.

Taking the measurements and seeing how many inches you have lost is a perfect way of measuring your success. Also, keep in mind that measuring inches is very different from looking at the scale. Sometimes the scale won’t go down but the measurements on your body will.

Enjoy meals with proper etiquette. This is the foundation of weight loss [THIS ARTICLE IS VERY IMPORTANT]

etiquetteEating and dining is not a science. It is an art. If I haven’t said this before, I’ll say it now.

Proper etiquette is the foundation of weight loss

Once you realize this, and master it, you’ll never have a problem with weight loss again, for as long as you live.

Proper etiquette means, never taking your meals for granted

Naturally, food is a necessity of life. But don’t look at it this way. Think of your meals as one of life’s valuable treasures. During every meal, sit down at the table. Think of the pleasant experience you’re about to have. Take the time to enjoy, savor and relish that delicious food you have before you. When you finish your meal, think about what a pleasant experience you just had. Then, start thinking about the pleasant experience you’re going to have at your next meal.

You’re on a roll now. Keep it up. There’s only one way you can screw this up. If you start snacking and eating everything in site, you’ll destroy everything. Food will no longer be one of life’s pleasures. You’ve gone back into your shell. You’re eating food because it’s there. You can KISS WEIGHT LOSS GOODBYE! Don’t do this.

At every meal, sit down at the table. Dress appropriately. This is an important event. Make it count. Enjoy your food. After your meal, wait for the next meal, when you will sit at the table and relish another important event.

Pleasant experiences are worth waiting for. Don’t screw it up in between. Master this, and you will NEVER have a problem with weight loss again for the rest of your life – I guarantee it!

How sleeping habits can have a tremendous effect on weight loss

sleeping-habitsSleep is very important to your overall health, and particularly, to weight loss. Going to bed earlier, and waking up earlier will realize weight loss results in only a week.

How your sleeping habits will help you lose weight

Poor sleeping habits actually contribute to weight gain. It is a fact that people who are deprived of sleep will gain 3 pounds in a day.

When you are deprived of sleep, you don’t have the energy you would normally have when you have a healthy night’s sleep. This produces negative results in two ways.

First, people who are not well rested tend to be emotionally unstable, or, just plain grouchy. Not being capable of making intelligent decisions, the grouchy person will make poor food choices. Also, people who are in this state of mind may have the tendency to over eat, as a habit of relieving their anxiety. What happens is, a person deprived of sleep steps back into the old habits that caused them to gain weight in the first place.

Second, the lack of energy from lack of sleep causes people to be less active and less mobile. When this happens, the person doesn’t have the energy to do the common things like walking, much less, exercise.

Now you see how going to bed late and sleeping late can hurt your ability to lose weight. Change your sleeping habits, and you will see at least 10 pounds disappear in a week.

How to get rid of acid reflux, immediately, and keep it away

acid-refluxOccasionally, I used to suffer from acid reflux. The symptoms include burning pain in the chest that usually occurs after eating. Acid reflux is cause by certain foods you eat. I can’t be specific, because the effects are different for some people as they are for others. It won’t kill you, but it will almost make you wish you were dead. It’s more a nuisance than a serious ailment.

I’m happy to say that my days of suffering from this pest are history. Here’s why.

A simple home remedy that killed my acid reflux right away

Most often, you won’t notice the symptoms until you lie down. This happened to me a few nights ago, while I was in bed trying to get to sleep. About three hours before I retired, I ate some chocolate pastry for desert after my dinner. When I went to bed, I fell asleep immediately. An hour later, I awoke with the worst acid reflux symptoms imaginable.

Immediately, I remembered a home remedy that I discovered a few days earlier. I went to the refrigerator, and opened a jar of hamburger dill pickle chips. I ate 4 dill pickle chips, and drank two tablespoons of pickle juice. Then, I went back to bed. The acid reflux was gone, and I had a very peaceful night’s sleep. It hasn’t come back since.

Try this remedy. it will work every time.

Have you ever seen a fast food restaurant with blue decor?

color blueDuring the fall, I love attending college football games. I can’t remember ever being hungry during a game. At first, I thought it was because I was so nervous. My team is the Auburn Tigers, and they can make a fan nervous when they have to pull out a close win. But come to think of it, I’ve been to games that Auburn won easily, and still wasn’t hungry. After studying the situation, I came to realize that there’s something peculiar about the color blue.

Why the color blue is significant in weight loss

The color blue is an appetite suppressant. Looking back over the years, I’ve gathered evidence that this means something. Several years ago, my office was painted blue. Now that I look back, I very seldom ate lunch (which I don’t recommend). There’s something about the color blue that makes food seem less tempting. It’s a color that puts you in a relaxed mood. When you’re relaxed, you’re content. When you’re stressed out, you want to eat. This makes sense.

On the other hand, bright colors, such as red, orange and yellow tend to give you an appetite. By the way, Auburn wears orange stripes on their jerseys, but it’s hard to see from the stands.

The next time you visit a fast food restaurant, be sure an notice the color decor. While you’re at it, try to stay away from the bright colors and surround yourself with the color blue. This theory may seem crazy, but it has worked for me in the past. In weight loss, many little things add up to make one huge difference.

Never put unnecessary stress on yourself in your weight loss plan

stressI can understand the anxiety that goes with wanting to lose weight so desperately. Believe me, I was there once. When I lost 75 pounds in less than 3 months, I was very stressed out in the beginning. But I knew what I wanted, what I had to do to get it, and finally, that it was not going to happen overnight. Within a week, when I saw my body changing for the better, the stress completely went away.

To see how I did it, get my FREE books above. If you’re under stress, it will go away.

Know the best you can possibly do, and do it

When you begin your weight loss journey, all you should want to do is lose weight. Don’t even set a number as a goal. For example, when you set a standard for yourself that you absolutely must lose 100 pounds, and you only lose 20 pounds, you’re not going to be happy. You’ve set an unrealistic goal. The unreasonable demand you’ve put on yourself is going to cause unnecessary stress. If you lose 20 pounds, this is very significant. Look at it this way. If you’ve lost 20 pounds now, you can do it again. Focus on the little things you did to get there, and build on it each day.

When I began my weight loss journey, the last thing on my mind was losing 75 pounds.

Losing weight is about being healthy. You sure don’t want stress, because it will put you six feet under. That’s defeating the purpose. Never put unreasonable demands on yourself. Don’t shoot for a huge goal that you won’t reach in a day or two. In fact, don’t even think about numbers. If you do everything I recommend, the numbers will take care of themselves.

3 reasons you should pack a lunch instead of eating out

lunchMost people in the work force prefer going out to eat at a nearby eating establishment. If you are one of those people, have you ever thought of packing a lunch?

You may be wondering what this has to do with weight loss. It’s very significant.

3 reasons you’ll lose weight when you pack a lunch

1. You’ll eat less

When you go out for lunch to a restaurant, you’ll probably get generous portions of food. People usually can’t eat it all, and some take a doggy bag. Unfortunately, most people wanting to lose weight will eat it, once again, because it’s there. It’s just a habit. When you pack your lunch, you can limit the size of your food portions, which will result in your eating less.

2. You’ll eat healthier

Some people will spend their lunch hour at a fast food restaurant. This is not exactly eating healthy. When you pack your lunch, you control what you eat. Someone who’s health conscious will naturally pack healthy foods. Don’t forget, one of the most crucial elements of weight loss is healthy eating.

3. You’ll learn self-discipline

Weight loss is 90 percent self-discipline. Once you establish new habits, and better habits, losing weight will quickly become second nature to you.