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Can Meditation Help You Lose Weight?

Meditation is total opposite from cardio that we always do when we want to lose weight, so it might seem quite unorthodox to suggest it can be the beneficial part of a person’s weight loss program. However, results of a small, but very important study suggest that meditation can, indeed, help you lose weight.


The study

The study was conducted by a group of researchers from UC San Francisco. Scientists who led the study included 47 overweight women who were divided into two different groups. Both groups received training on basics of diet habits and exercises. However, neither group had specific diet regime during the study.

The participants were divided into control and experimental groups. Overweight or obese women from an experimental group also received training in mindful eating and meditation in weekly sessions. During the mindful eating, training women were taught to experience to the moment-by-moment sensory experience of eating, i.e. to savor every moment and truly enjoy the food instead of eating mindlessly. Women from this group also meditated for 30 minutes each day. On the other hand, women in the control group weren’t taught about mindful eating, and they didn’t have to meditate daily.

The primary goals of this study were:

  • To use mindful eating to prevent cravings and overeating
  • To use meditation to reduce stress to prevent comfort eating.

The result

fat-diminisherScientists revealed that implementation of two primary goals in experimental group proved to be successful. While women in the control group gained weight, women in the experimental group maintained the weight and showed significant reductions in cortisol levels. Stress causes high cortisol levels.

The reason women in the experimental group didn’t gain weight is because mindful eating and meditation trains one’s mind to notice the food but to not react automatically, for example, if an individual indulges in candies or junk food when is stressed out or angry. Instead, with mindful eating and meditating every day the individual recognizes and accepts their feelings before they act (start eating) which allows them to make the right decision.

It is a well-known fact that the primary cause of overweight and obesity is overeating that mainly happens due to cravings, using food as comfort, etc. Ability to be fully aware of your feelings and controlling your actions prevents you from eating too much and using food as comfort or the “tool” to deal with stressful situations.

Although this study was conducted on a smaller scale and didn’t include too many participants, the results proved to be very significant. Meditation researcher, who wasn’t part of the study, from Brown University, Dr. Katherine Kerr, commented on the outcome of this research and described them as encouraging. Moreover, findings of this study proved to be consistent with numerous brain studies and researches about mindfulness. Meditation introduces changes in brain areas that handle body sensations, particularly the ones associated with cravings and hunger.

The primary idea of using meditation in weight loss program is training your brain through daily practice to tune into the body in a healthier manner.

How to meditate?

First, you should bear in mind that meditation isn’t a quick fist, and it won’t make you lose weight fast. Meditation can help you in your weight loss program by connecting your mind, body, and soul. Moreover, it lowers high blood pressure and reduces stress. With the regular meditation, you will kick habits of overeating and comfort eating that are crucial for the successful outcome of the weight loss program.

There are many ways of meditation, but here is what they all have in common:

  • Location – you should meditate in a quiet location, it is easier to concentrate. It can be any part of your home that you find peaceful.
  • Posture – Sit down straight
  • Relax your muscles – it’s more difficult to concentrate and meditate when your muscles are tense
  • Concentrate on your breathing, how you inhale and exhale
  • Distracting thoughts will occur – the key is not to pay attention to them, but to focus on your breath

How long you should meditate depends only on you. If you find it difficult to concentrate, do it for 5 minutes first, then gradually start expanding the duration with the regular practice.

Losing weight fast and in a healthy manner

3-week-dietLosing weight fast is possible with the right method. The combination of exercise, healthy diet and meditation accompanied by natural probiotic e.g. Leptiburn Biotrust will help you reach that goal. What is Leptiburn Biotrust? It is a natural probiotic supplement that improves digestion and helps you lose weight. This supplement contains natural ingredients including Olive Leaf extract that is used in numerous weight loss products.

Leptiburn’s main purpose is to help the dieter reach their desired amount of weight by stimulating the hormone Leptin. Natural probiotic supplements that don’t induce any side effects, like Leptiburn Biotrust, are a great addition to the successful weight loss program.


Meditation is beneficial for weight loss due to the fact it prevents us from overeating, cravings, and comfort eating. With meditation, the person becomes aware of their feelings and emotions and this control prevents making the wrong decision. It is a great addition to weight loss program due to the fact it also reduces stress and decreases high blood pressure.

Image: www.shutterstock.com

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